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the-therapy-dog-after-i-share-al-my-problems-49653159Ha! I love this meme, it just cracks me up. That poor little critter has been listening to me and is now just shell shocked….

That’s so NOT God. You can’t shell shock God, you can’t scare Him, and you can’t catch Him off guard. You also can’t make Him love you more or less then He does at this very moment.

That’s a tricky one for some people to come into agreement with. We can be very egalitarian about God, very transactional,  very dispensational. “If I’m good He loves me, if I’m bad He doesn’t,” as if we can somehow control God’s affections for us.


I don’t really care so much about the egalitarian/complementarian wars within Christian culture around marriage, but I sure do care when we are talking about our own relationship with the Lord! It’s really not an exchange, not egalitarian, not a give and take, not something we can earn or create in a power balance.

However, that therapy dog is much like people. That is often how we react. Many people have an incredibly ridiculous hard time listening to others without judgement, without trying to fix it, without trying to use pity to rob people of their power and to create emotional distance.

I’m not always very good at it either. I’m really bad at it with people who are very close to me. I’m also kind of pragmatic.

So if you have a headache, I really want to rush in and inform you that you should stop banging your head on the wall. Like, maybe you just don’t realize what’s causing it??!

It is excruciatingly difficult for me to say, Okay, so how can I just come alongside you, hold your hand,  and let you experience this awful headache in all it’s glorious misery??

Tell me that God does not have a sense of humor!  I had a vision at church last night, I was by a river bank and there was a basket with this adorable baby in it, and sure enough they were floating the baby down the river like Moses, and I was like, No, no, that’s too dangerous! Suddenly a much bigger basket appeared, and there were much bigger people being tossed into it with a mighty splash! I recognized every last one. It totally cracked me up, all these adults were falling out of the sky as if they had just been thrown into this basket that was now threatening to tip over. Then the current caught them and they went floating down the river……

I got the message loud and clear about letting go, about trusting that God’s got everybody on a  journey and a bit like the Baby Moses,  I often must just let that basket float down the river….

three brown baskets beside beach

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh on Pexels.com