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“The depth of our questions determines the bigness of our God.” Now that’s what I’m talking about! Our pastor said that in church on Sunday. We’re in the Book of Acts and the sermon was called, “Faith on Trial.”

“The depth of our questions determine the bigness of our God.” Ahhhhh, that’s just like pulling the tab on a  root beer on a hot day. That’s just like a cool, refreshing drink for my soul.

I think a big problem in our culture, in our country right now, is that we seem to think we have all the answers. People are quick to take offense, to draw lines in the sand, and to create division, because we think we know it all, because we think we have all the answers. Gone is all wonder and curiousity, too. In comes anxiety and depression to fill the void…..

There’s an old saying that always gives me a chuckle, “those of you who think you know everything annoy the hell out of those of us who really do.” This is going to sound like the motherlode of all hubris here, but some of us actually do know a thing or two.

Because we’ve already spent a lifetime asking some impertinent questions….

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