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“If you’re hanging on by a thread….. and it’s the hem of His garment, then you’re hanging onto the right thread.”

Bahahaha! I didn’t write that, but I am so receiving and claiming it anyway. That tiny little thread is powerful.

So I am indeed stretched a wee bit thin and I was thinking I needed some renewal, some refreshment, some good worship music. Hubby and I talked about going to a concert, but you know, like most things we just haven’t got the time, the money, the energy. I actually said on Monday, it would be really fun to go see “We are Messengers.” I really enjoy this little band and I’ve been delighting in “Maybe it’s Okay… if we’re not okay.”

Poof! Ask and you shall receive. You have not because you ask not. So just a couple days after talking to the Lord, I find out they are coming right to me. On my only day off. For free.

How in the heck did all that just happen?? It’s surreal. It’s the answer to a prayer.

So I went, met up with my daughter and the grandkids and had a blast. What fun! Not only was the music great, they said all the things I needed to hear. “Don’t confuse Jesus with people.” Amen! “Christians are messy.” Yep. Also, really sweet, he often credits his wife Heidi for forgiving him, with showing him what grace even looks like. I think we forget that sometimes, we forget that people cannot desire what they cannot see and it is our job to show them what the good things actually look like. To show them what Jesus looks like.

Just as a side note, on that same spot, on the 3rd of July in the midst of a big celebration, a man was shot and killed by the cops. It was very sad. We so needed to cleanse that area, to pour light and love over tragedy, to stake a claim on this world for Him. To remember that we fight from a place of victory, not towards it. It is a done deal.

Job says, “Can that which is unsavoury be eaten without salt?” Nope, it cannot.  Life can be  bit unsavory at times, we need our salt. And the Lord says, “taste and see that I am good.”

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com