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Let’s begin with all the questions! “Mercury is in retrograde,” what does that even mean?! And what is a Christian woman doing poking around astrology? Does your husband know? How about your pastor?

(LOL, this being the internet those threats to notify my husband or my pastor are often followed up by rather intimate photos on the down low, aka pornographic attachments. Welcome to total depravity and the whole reason people need a Savior in the first place.)

“Mercury is in retrograde” is the astrological excuse for why people are suddenly acting like fools, war like, aggressive, communication problems, just basically people being “off.” Bad vibes man, bad vibes. Ah well, this all makes sense now, Mercury is in retrograde……

Chuckling here, but what’s the baseline?? Like, when are people not off? How am I supposed to tell Mercury is going backwards as opposed to forwards??

What if people ourselves are the “retrograde” in the equation??? In other words, maybe we can’t blame all our relationship fractures and poor behavior on a distant planet?

Which brings me to, “evolutionary entropy.” There is actually some sound science that suggests humans really are in retrograde, evolving backwards. The evidence seems to suggest that at one point our DNA was pure, untainted, but some cataclysmic event went all wrong. With each passing generation there are now several hundred new mutations being written right onto our DNA. Some call this “natural selection,” one problem being those genetic mutations aren’t necessarily “good” or even “natural” or even “selective.” Also, if you do that math, count the number of mutations per generation, humans have now gone completely extinct. I’m J/K. The problem being, the numbers insist we’ve only been on the planet for about six thousand years. Existing much longer than that and according to the rhyme and rhythm of “evolutionary entropy,” we would have devolved ourselves right out of existence already.

Kind of sounds a bit like what we might read in Genesis….and perhaps the book of Revelation…

I just thought I’d rock the boat a little bit since Mercury is in retrograde and under the sign of Leo, no less. I believe that actually gives me full carte blanche six ways past Sunday to cause all kinds of trouble this month. Blame it on the stars….

Mercury is the messenger of the gods and, “astrologically speaking, Mercury represents the principles of communication, mentality, thinking patterns, rationality and reasoning, and adaptability and variability.” I suppose that is why when Mercury goes into retrograde, we can blame it for all our communication problems and irrational human weirdnesses.

As silly as this post really is, I have actually been pondering a couple of questions about absurdity, a la Lewis Carroll style. In order to have an upside down world you must have a right side up world in which to contrast. In order to write satire, one must have a “truth” to run mockery along side of.  In order to lament the tragedy of irrational human weirdnesses, one must have a vision for humanity, a standard  that we all seem to fall short of.

The very fact that we would even feel the need to declare, “Mercury is in retrograde” as if that suddenly lends logic and credence to the irrationality of human behavior, means some part of us is aware that there really is a baseline for human behavior!!

This is somewhat reassuring to me because lately I’ve really been having my doubts.

Anyway, I really enjoyed reading, “Looking Up: Prophetic signs in the constellations and how the heavens declare the glory of God,”  by Troy Brewer.  Many Christians don’t realize that the constellations actually tell the biblical story across the night sky. Leo for example is the Lion….of the tribe of Judah.


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