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Hubby and I had a date night and watched a couple of movies, “Passengers” (2016, Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Pratt) being one of them. I enjoy anything with some complex moral themes that makes me think. Although this movie was a bit of a cheesy SCI/FI romance, it did spark the imagination and was quite entertaining.

I hate to issue a plot spoiler, but there is no way to speak of this movie without spoiling the plot. So this man is asleep in suspended animation traveling across space on a giant cruise ship with 5000 other comatose people, when his pod malfunctions and he suddenly wakes up.

Now he is completely alone hurling through space, still some 90 years away from his destination. It is basically a death sentence. And a solitary confinement sentence. The man spends a year alone going completely insane while wrestling with the moral implications of waking up another passenger so he will have some companionship.

He falls in love with the sleeping Jennifer Lawrence and tries to weigh the moral dilemma of waking her up which would condemn her to his own fate, versus simply taking his own life. In the end, he finally wakes her, although she has no idea he has deliberately done it until much later in the story.

It was an interesting movie that introduced some tantalizing themes. I don’t think the production or development of those themes was all that great, but they were presented in a creative and entertaining way.

As the story progresses, the Captain of this ship also wakes up in a pod malfunction, but he is injured, he is dying. He basically tells Jennifer Lawrence to be merciful, to try to understand that a drowning man will even pull down his own rescuer in a desperate attempt to choose life.

To add to the complexity of the whole tale, had he not woken her up, they would never have discovered the damage to the ship that was causing the malfunctions in the first place, and she as well as the other 5000 people in suspended animation would have all been killed anyway.Β  Two minds are better than one and it takes the both of them to identify the problem and to fix it.

In the end these two hapless passengers, pretty much just victims of circumstance beyond their control, fell in love, decided to make the best of it, and chose life together. They homestead the space ship, plant trees, and build a house together, and she being a writer, records the tale for the passengers who will now wake up long after the two have died.

I loved it, cheese and all…..

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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com