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I really appreciated Mitch’s post, “Dare To Be Meek. ” Click to read it, he writes some good stuff.

This issue comes up in my life a bazillion times a day, at least. “Meekness” is an often misunderstood word, but it requires some genuine strength, some real courage, some extreme patience, and it is so not for the faint of heart.

Ha! Being a bit faint hearted, I would know. Where in the world am I going to get some supernatural strength, some other worldly courage? Some grace and patience well beyond my own abilities?

Ahh yes, Jesus. He’ll lead the way and infuse your spirit with just what you need.

Anyway, I encourage people to take Mitch’s bold take on meekness to heart. It’s really true and if you look about the world today, arguments on social media, one finger salutes in traffic, church splits,  high divorce rates, what we have here is a real relationship fracture and a struggle in part caused by our misunderstandings about the value of meekness.

“The meek shall inherit the earth.”  Maybe because as the saying goes, those who can laugh, last.

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