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cougarThere have been a few sightings of a cougar in our neighborhood which has given me a chuckle a few times this week.Β  All in good fun here, but it wasn’t me, I have nothing to confess!

Cougars as you know, tend to prowl around chasing younger men. I do not think of giant cats when I hear that term but rather of older women. Here is a photo of one in her natural habitat, probably watching a softball game….

It was humorous too, because hubby and I have been doing some walking lately and having a picnic, well off the beaten path. Naturally we BBQ a bunch of ribs, because really the only proper way to get into shape is to carry along a bunch of food. So we were quite literally in the middle of nowhere, munching on ribs and tossing the bones behind us out in cougar country, which suddenly struck me as unwise.

I resisted the urge to just go, “here kitty, kitty….”

I do feel much safer having hubby with me, but that too was a bit funny. The only reason why I feel much safer is because he can not run nearly as fast as I can. So now you know my diabolical plan to evade any carnivorous wildlife. I’ve coated the man down in delicious ribs juices and made him slightly sleepy, so I can make my hasty escape.

By the way, don’t ever try to run from a cougar. That just triggers their predator instinct. Cats love to chase red laser dots, mice, and shrieking women.

Anyway, while we were out in the wild, apparently “the wild” decided to come into the densely populated area we were trying to escape ourselves. The biggest problem they present is actually to small pets and other animals, but giant cats roaming about in your neighborhood, is always a good wake up call, and far more fun then the usual problems that often roam our neighborhood.


photo of cougar sleeping

Photo by Lucas Pezeta on Pexels.com