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Hat tip to Anna for sharing this post, “Toxic People” by Pastor Dave Orrison. It’s timely and full of wisdom.

Go read the whole thing because it’s really good, but here’s an excerpt that pretty much sums it up, “A toxic person is someone who affects you in a negative way, poisoning your heart. In the presence of a toxic person, you become something you don’t want to be. You may be fearful, weak, angry, or even sad, but the emotions you experience will be inconsistent with how you want to feel and how you should feel in a normal relationship.”

My exposure to perpetual toxicity has now sent my poison levels right through the roof. When I was younger I was more willing to consider the possibility that it might be me, that perhaps I cause it, that nobody is perfect, that we all struggle to get along, that maybe I’m just too judgy, that I probably did something wrong.

Not so much anymore. Let’s call it the blessings and wisdom of old age. Today it’s more like, “I feel fearful, weak, angry, sad,  because you just vomited your toxic stuff all over my shoes.”

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