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Pastor Wilson posts a little diddy, “why there is hell.” It’s from, “Mere Fundamentalism” and says in part,  “He excludes from Heaven only those who refuse to let go of their own wild and disproportionate sinning.”

No. There is a hell because somewhere along the way, the church adopted some pagan teachings, farther refined by the Greeks, for the purpose of social, political, and behavioral control.  People were burned at the stake in God’s name all the time, mostly because people are totally depraved and can pervert anything, even the bible and God’s great love for us.

If you think God so loved the world that He was willing to die for us, but will also delight in slowly burning His own children to death for all of eternity, than something has gone all awry with your Herman Netics.

There is a hell because people are wounded, broken, and insecure, and cannot even imagine how to go about leading  people without using threats of eternal damnation and endless punishment.

I also want to take note of Wilson’s, “wild and disproportionate sinning.” Whew, this is such a relief since my sinning is always in proportion, and never wild! Thank goodness I always make a point of sinning in a calm, rational, and wholly proportionate manner……..unlike all those other guys. I’m quite sure God is impressed.

This puts me at odds with a lot of Christians, but Jesus Himself was at odds with, “a lot of Christians.” A bit like Jesus, I simply  know my Father very well.

There really is no, “doctrine of hell.” I am somewhat disappointed to hear those words spoken so often, and spoken to people who don’t even know the doctrine of grace!  Interestingly, people who obey or follow Jesus simply because they fear hell, tend to do a piss poor job of it. Perhaps that is because they are trying to recreate themselves in the image of an abusive Father who would burn His own children to death when they made a mistake or “sinned too wildly.”

The dark stuff, the demonic, separation from God? Oh yeah, I believe in all that. I’ve seen it, I’ve born witness to it. But hell as a place you send the naughty parishioners to? Wrong. One might even call that,  “a false teaching from the deepest pit of hell.”


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