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Really sad to read, “Ohio State officials failed to act as doctor abused 177 athletes over nearly two decades.” All young men with concerns that were ignored, dismissed, probably laughed off.

Maybe “sad” is the wrong word, maybe what I feel is more like “conflicted.” As awful as it is to hear these stories, they are being heard. Life wasn’t any better two decades ago for these guys, it’s just that they had no voice, no where to go, no one who would listen. So if you think about it, rather then sadness, this is actually cause for celebration, for thankfulness. It’s like lancing an infection or dragging something moldy out into the sunlight. You can’t heal what you can’t talk about.

What happened at Ohio State is one of many coverups on the news lately. Sexual abuse can’t happen in a vacuum, it requires a lot of other participants, extras, or a less kind term, many NPC’s, many Non Player Characters. People need not be evil and condoning abuse to enable it, to contribute to the environment that creates it. People can be dumb, blind, or simply unwilling to address and confront evil when they see it. Who would listen to you anyway? It’s just how things are. Maybe it’s just me. I’m sure I’m just perceiving this all wrong…

I feel the need to say this today because social media can just be so divisive, as can be many advocates against abuse. I have no information about this case, but I can tell you right now, it isn’t a black and white situation of good guys versus bad guys. While it is about some major leadership fails, it isn’t about evil leaders conspiring to persecute and silence victims. It’s can be so easy to just  start to believe that.