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So I had a lovely date night with hubby, eating brown butter bourbon bananas with ice cream and watching Aquaman. Life truly does not get any better than that.

I had no idea there was any great debate over Aquaman, but these days there is great debate over everything and somebody is sure to be offended. But never mind all that, the only debate that caught my attention was the one over whether or not he, Jason Momoa, was an attractive actor, as in desirable,  or “crush worthy.” I am laughing here, some people apparently just do not find fish attractive, but I thought his scales were quite lovely.

For some gratuitous reality, because this is a biology blog after all, hubby and I decided a date night was desperately needed on account of the fact that he had just endured me watching a few hours of a special about a boy who had a fish living in his lung. I was quite fascinated by this dilemma, how the fish managed to get in there, how to remove it safely, and the medical condition of the poor kid who was near suffocation.

For those as morbid as I am, he somehow swallowed the fish when it was small, it got lost on the way down and wound up in his lung where it then proceeded to grow. Eventually the docs decided the best way to deal with it was to just cough it up. Yep, cough it up. They actually fed the fish some uppers and the child some steroids to get everything all riled up and squirming about.

And so the kid coughed it up and was free of the fish living in his lung. You’re welcome. I’m quite sure everyone needed to hear this story, just in case any potential fears of swallowing a brain eating amoeba have now faded…..

Also there was recently some roaring debate over Jonah and whether or not a man could live in the belly of a  fish. Yes, yes I think so, but regardless, we certainly do know that a fish can live in a man! I find that whole discussion a bit amusing, because a man in a whale, that’s nothing! Easy peasy. Wait until you get to the part about a dead Man walking out of a tomb….

Also, twitter has just been a roaring train wreck of Christian woman bashing lately, so I’m just going to slip in a little reminder here. If it weren’t for the women at the tomb who were the first to carry the gospel, to carry the good news of the risen Lord to the others, there would be no church. For a few moments suspended in time, the Lord saw fit to leave it entirely in their hands. Ponder that one a few times.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com