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This post from Anthony was quite beautiful, “When There’s Been a Heart Change.” Praying for his speedy healing and good recovery of course, but in the process of his own story, he’s also given us a wonderful analogy for how the Lord changes our spiritual hearts.

I once had a great argument with a church sign, stupid thing tried to talk back to me so I set it straight. It simply said, “you reap what you sow,” but at the time I had reaped nothing I had sown. The seeds in my greenhouse refused to grow, even my paychecks were bouncing, and those were the more amusing parts of the story. Every good thing I tried to sow was just not working out at all. The Lord kept showing me this garden hose, just like my own garden hose, all kinked up and full of holes.

I didn’t understand it at the time, but there were some things blocking my heart, some blind spots, some spiritual wounds. I was standing on a kinked up garden hose trying to get the water to flow. God was like, you do reap what you sow, but you have to untangle the garden hose first….

It was a huge revelation, very profound, and it just changed everything, rocked my whole world, but the story itself is not very exciting to tell, it is all rather banal and ordinary. I had to quit my job that wasn’t paying me and find another. I had to let go of some friends that were not bringing anything positive to my life. There were a bunch of small tweaks that may seem obvious after the fact, but at the time they were not obvious to me at all.

I also had to go out on my front porch and preach the good news like the prophets of old at 3 Am every morning. That one really stumped me too, but by the time it came up I was hearing the Lord so clearly, I didn’t even question it. For those who don’t know, people roaming around on your street at 3 AM are generally up to no good. A couple of people were genuinely curious about what I was saying and many others decided to just go find a street that wasn’t already owned by a crazy woman in a nightgown. In hindsight, it all makes perfect sense, but at the time I had no idea what I was even doing.

Almost immediately I had more peace and quiet in the neighborhood and less financial challenges. It was far more involved and complex than that, but the essence of the tale is that there is life in the blood and far too often we fail to realize that the issue is often in our own hearts, that they can clog spiritually too, be filled with gunk and scar tissue, with unresolved issues. There is life in the blood and energy within our own hearts that all needs to flow freely.

God can fix all that. We call Him the Great Physician for a reason.


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