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So the NYT ran a piece  called “A God Problem.”  I’m chuckling here,  but this article is a miracle in it’s own right, because it has created unity among diverse groups, feminists, the reformed, Catholics, liberals, conservatives, and the just plain weird. They all hate it. It is the mockworthy article du jour.

So naturally I kind of liked it. Not too shabby! He begins with philosophy and ends with Pascal’s wager. Perfect! In his conclusion he says, “It is logical inconsistencies like these that led the 17th-century French theologian Blaise Pascal to reject reason as a basis for faith and return to the Bible and revelation.”

Imagine that! If we wish to know more about God, suspend your disbelief and return to the bible for some revelation. What a novel idea! Whodda thunk it??

I too tend to reject logic and reason as evidence of our faith, on account of the fact that I am not overly impressed with the human capacity to rational lies and eventually walk face first into moral conundrums. Our faith is a faith of infinite paradoxes. In fact, the Sermon on the Mount is often called The Paradoxical Sermon.

Jesus often spoke of counter intuitive, counter cultural, downright revolutionary things that run against our reason and common sense. To be great, be the least. To gain your life, lose it. Give and it shall be given to you. Love your enemies. Sell your stuff and give it to the poor…

One of my favorite comments on this article was, “what if it’s God who has a people problem?” Made me laugh because we so seldom ever think of things from God’s perspective. I do believe in God as all powerful and all knowing, but it would be rather funny if He were studying us and pondering things like, hmmm, I wonder if they can create a rock too big to lift? 


rock formed person under heavy clouds during daytime

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