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Good article from Carl Trueman called, “We All Live in Marx’s World Now”

Here’s his opening, “The term “cultural Marxism” has recently entered the mainstream vocabulary of orthodox Christianity. A staple of the media of Twitter and blogs, it seems to have gone the way of all sophisticated ideas when reduced to a few hundred characters and placed in the hands of those with too much time to troll yet not apparently enough to think.” 

I’ve written quite a few lamentations against the idea that the, “personal is political.” That little slogan has just wrought so much destruction and become a pet peeve of mine. It really is Marxist, it is a Marxist way of perceiving the world and it is false.

The Personal is NOT Political.

It’s not political, it’s personal

Stop Personalizing Everything…

Laughing here, but sure to really mess with your head, when people are speaking out against Marxism while giving every indication that they unwittingly perceive the world through Marxist cultural ideologies.

This response from a  pastor gave me a chuckle however, “Yes, serious Christians should get off the internet. Hilarious ones should stay though.”

Amen. Laughter enables us to stop taking ourselves and others so seriously, so personally. Humble thyself with a good laugh.

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