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I’ve got a bee in my bonnet today about weather as judgement and condemnation. One side is hollering about how we’re all going to hell in a global warming basket and the other side is carrying on about God’s judgement as if we’re all about to be inflicted by the plagues of Egypt.

It strikes me as all very solipsistic and self absorbed. What if God just makes hurricanes because He can? Because He has the power and He just loves to see a good raging storm? What if He’s just out playing in His creation? What if He just conjured up a good windstorm to give glory to God?

What even makes weather “bad?” Or “good?” It seems as if we just move through these perpetual seasons of negativity, in winter it’s this sure path to the coming ice age, in the spring, God’s wrath in all the flooding, then comes the horrors of drought and heatwaves, all dotted throughout by tornados, hurricanes, and floods.

I don’t know what the world is coming to, there’s all this…..weather?

I don’t like to see property damage either, nor loss of life, nor even major inconvenience and discomfort, but we people tend to build homes on the banks of rivers that are sure to flood and whole communities throughout tornado alley and on top of earthquake fault lines, and then we are surprised and horrified when the earth does exactly what it has always done?

I suspect weather is just a really good reminder that we are not the boss of everything, all of the time.

For those who seem to believe God is trying to get our attention, that the coming floods that haven’t even happened yet are a sign of God’s judgement (as a dozen FB memes have suggested this morning,) I suggest y’all repent. Seriously! I’m chuckling here, but that’s the only logical solution. If you believe we have triggered the wrath of God than hurry up, tell Him you’re sorry, repent, and intercede.

See, that’s the problem, far too often this is just fear mongering, power and control, manipulation. All you Other Bad People better shape up, God’s sending really bad weather to punish you! Well maybe He is, so what are you doing, cheering Him on? Using God as your great Cosmic Power to even the score??

And all those secularist screaming about the wrath, judgement, and condemnation of global warming, same mentality, same ideology, same self loathing and desire to make the whole world suffer for what it’s done.

To make matters more complicated, what pleases one does not please another. We’ve just had the loveliest spring weather, sunshine, temps in the 70’s. Naturally people in this neck of the woods have been complaining about how hot it is. Like, take off your parka, people! And right about now California should be experiencing it’s annual End of the World Rainy Season. It can be a real problem, no mockery intended. Driving is darn near impossible, streets are flooded, there are often mudslides.

I’m just saying, you’d think we’d begin catch on after a while, weather always happens.


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