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I really appreciated this, Jordan Peterson’s response to, “Cambridge University Rescinds my Fellowship.”

I read that a couple a times and just felt like, Ah, yes. Yeah. Exactly. You tell ’em. Give ’em heck.

Laughing here, that’s a very vague review, but I am sincerely tired and completely fed up with academic elitism and institutional, religious, bureaucracy.

Whether you like JP the Lobsterman or not, he is actually out lecturing on matters of faith, philosophy, and life and the things he is saying are resonating with hundreds of thousands of people, and for good reason.

Take for instance his one sentence here,  “The first lecture alone, on the first sentence of Genesis, has, alone, garnered 3.7 million of those, which makes it the most well-received of all the talks I have ever posted online.”

Right? For good or ill, JP has gotten 3.7 million people to at least take a look at Genesis. He plans to address Exodus next. I don’t always agree with the guy, but he is leading the culture into a discussion about faith, meaning, purpose, and the bible. Obviously there is a hunger there, people seem to want to talk about these things.

He also says, “You see, it matters whether people around the world understand these ancient stories. It deeply matters. We are becoming unmoored, because we no longer share the structure these stories undergird. This is psychologically destabilizing. It’s producing a pathological and desperate nihilism that is increasingly common and, at the same time, a pronounced proclivity for the ideological certainty that mimics but cannot replace true religious belief. Both consequences are bound to be, as the evidence certainly indicates, divisive and truly dangerous.”

Yeah, I’ve noticed. I’ve really noticed. Kudos to JP for trying to do something about it.

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