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Gah! Now here’s a real tear jerker from Anthony, “Pleeeease, Daddy!” Read it, it’s brief and to the point.

To say Fathers are vital and necessary for our well being is kind of an understatment. Somebody smart once said, “for good or ill, fathers shape our perception of our heavenly Father.” That’s a pretty huge responsibility, a significant calling.

I had a lovely dad, but there was huge wounding there, separation, divorce, a custody battle, his own issues. We spent a lifetime trying to restore relationship. It wasn’t always so easy.

Our heavenly Father is a good, good father, a friend to the fatherless, a Father to orphans everywhere. He will heal you ten fold over, with change to spare.

This pastor I know recently dropped everything to go see his daughter in college. She simply needed him and I thought, “Wow, so that’s what it looks like.”  I’m not sure why that moment ministered to me so much, but it really did. The idea that your daughter might be a priority, important enough for you drop everything and attend to, just resonated all through my soul.

Sometimes being a pastor (and even a father) can feel like a thankless job. People can’t always see those ripples going out in the pond, all the other eyes that are on you watching and thinking,  What even is that? That is almost like….the way the world should be.

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