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Miss-Grundy-looks-a-litte-different-than-I-remember...-Funny-Archie-Riverdale-MemeSo continuing my series called, “don’t be that guy,”  like,  don’t even be that guy.

A bit tongue and cheek perhaps, but one of my favorite sayings is,  “Everybody serves. You’ll either serve as a stern warning or a good example. Regardless, everybody serves.”

Apparently some people serve as a fine example of why grace is so desperately needed in the first place…..

I speak of Pastor Wilson’s recent post, “On the Nature of Prophetic Language.” For a bit of backstory, Wilson has some well documented misogyny going on. That should be self evident due to his extensive permanent record, the one he probably began contributing to in Jr High. Also, his post today is addressing some complaints about his propensity to call women sea worthy, or “C worthy” if you will.

Obviously I am a traitor to Miss Grundy’s everywhere, on account of the fact that rather than shrieking in great offense, my lips are twitching in a bit of amusement, even more so over his rather sad and pathetic defense of such things.

For the record I was a terrible parent. Like kid, that was so not okay, so very wrong,  but so darn hysterically funny, I am too choked with laughter to deal with you properly. I really regret that weakness, but what can you do? I just pray our heavenly Father is as amused by some of our antics and I was by my own kid’s.

So Pastor Wilson’s defense of his, what shall we call it? Women’s ministry?! His attempted defense of his graphic language is now encased in words about the alleged biblical justification for “prophetic language” and this weird idea of “apathetic sanctification.”

So like, he simply went from using some vulgar language, engaging in some misogyny, to falling face first into a deep, sinkhole puddle of outright blasphemy?! Yep, that is precisely what he did. Oh, what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive….

So there is a huge “no no” in our faith, a just “don’t even try it,” and I feel quite certain of this. Completely convicted. Like, God is not even going to be laughing and neither are you. It is when we screw up and try to give the Lord credit for it. It is when we try to use His word to cloak our own foolishness, to justify our own selves. I am not a big fan of walking on eggshells or even of treading lightly, but I am very, very careful of that one.

To declare some women to be sea worthy is a real problem, a sin, an obvious expression of contempt, but to follow it up with, “thus sayeth the Lord” is a huge error, a major wrong doing, a very, very,  serious sin.

If you are going to be a “jerk for Jesus,” and yes there really is a time and a place for that, you better make good and certain that you aren’t just being a jerk. When in doubt, leave His name out. Make it quite clear you are simply speaking for yourself and not on God’s behalf.

Pastor Wilson makes a great effort to speak of his “evangelical sob sisters,” the Miss Grundy’s of the world, and his not caring. Let me tell you something, I am neither a lefty nor a righty Miss Grundy, I am the Lord’s Miss Grundy. His personal, sanctified Miss Grundy, and none of this alleged “apathetic sanctification” crap either, we are talking real blood, sweat, tears, and pain, mostly His blood, mingled with few drops of my own.

Let me give you a prophetic word, the real kind of prophetic word. You absolutely will care. You better believe it. You will be held accountable for every word, even more so because you are a pastor and teaching. Every heart you have broken, everyone you have cast out, every single harsh word. Every bit of adoration and worship of your own wordsmithery, when placed above and beyond the well being of others, will be pointed out to you.

It’s enough to crush grown men much bigger and badder than me. The weight of your own sin once seen, is absolutely overwhelming and unbelievably grievous. It will just shatter your heart into a million pieces. You will just be emotionally and spiritually pixilated. “Regret” is an understatement, a weak word that doesn’t even begin to cut it. Don’t be that guy, because you aren’t going to like it one bit. 

Deal with it now or you will deal with it later and it will be much worse.

And yes, Miss Grundy of the Evangelical Sob Sister Team, has actually stood there, in that very place. That is why I am so absolutely certain of,  “when in doubt, leave His name out.” 

I am deadly serious. “You will care,” thus sayeth the Lord. You will either serve yourself,  serve the Father of all lies, or you will serve Him. There is no in between, no lukewarm place where we can just dabble in a little bit of all three. CS Lewis once said, “Of all bad men religious bad men are the worst.”

He was quite right! And so as gently and as sweetly as I can, “Dude, you’ve strayed way over the baseline, you’re now dehumanizing women who are made in His image, you’re labeling your own fear and anger biblical, and you are now falsely teaching things like “apathetic sanctification.”

Ouch. Trust me, that’s going to hurt you a whole lot more than it hurts me.


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