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I really appreciated this post, “Pastors: Don’t Forget to Evangelize Your Church.” Read it, it’s brief and to the point.

I’m just going to testify to this truth, and to encourage pastors to do just that. I really like this quote of his, “The job of a pastor is to get people who think they are saved to actually be saved.”

Amen to that! I’ve been saved for a long time, but I still need pastors around to remind me to actually “be saved.” The simplicity and beauty of the gospel never gets old and I don’t hear it in church nearly as often as I would like.

Are you a Nyet? I live here in the land of “nones,” those who often mark “none” on surveys about religious affiliation. There’s a great unchurched church here, both inside the church and out. Nyet is simply a pet name for “not yet.”  It’s really all just a matter of semantics, but I know a guy who doesn’t even believe in the “unsaved,” he just believes in the Not Yets. The Nyets. Love that optimism.

People in the church can be touchy, prideful, defensive sometimes, but here’s the deal, as we grow in faith the idea of, “Lord, I never knew you,” should  actually become one we welcome, one of sheer delight, of excitement, of discovery. Like, yayy, so now we’re going to just take this relationship to a whole new level! There is joy there, adventure,  growth.  Life and life abundant.

We absolutely need to be evangelizing our churches because often the person who needs the Lord the most, is going to be sitting in the pew right next to you.