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I’m  a wee bit peeved at Pastor Tim Bayly, over at Warhorn. I’m extremely disappointed in him which is hard to do since my expectations are generally resting at the bottom of the barrel somewhere  among the  dregs anyway.

So they went and did a podcast , “Into the manosphere,” where they go all excited, to traverse the rabbit hole of so called “red pill Christianity.”

The “Sound of Sanity” my donkey’s behind. If this is what people call “sanity,” it’s highly overrated, in fact, you should flee any such notions of “sanity,” post haste.

Dalrock is practically gloating over all the sudden attention. I have to give Bayly some credit, I mean he did tweet something out about how much of the red pill sphere is “disgusting.” So you know, kind of like a retraction on the bottom of page 48.

I call complete bovine poo, just unmistakably stinky cow dung tracked all across the living room floor….

My only satisfaction is that Warhorn and Bayly are probably now enjoying a backlash from dozens of angry gammafied  male egos.  Now amplify all that gammitude abuse, 70 times 70, and you might have just a tiny inkling of what women experience every single day with men who subscribe to these kinds of bogus religious teachings.

The very same kind of bogus religious teachings Tim Bayly and Warhorn try to sell people, minus the vile and blatant red pill vulgarity of course, but it’s still the same darn thing.  Listen up, there’s a reason why the BDSM, pornography promoting, woman hating, lost boys of the red pill variety follow people like Doug Wilson and Tim Bayly. The doctrine and theology you guys promote, appeals to them. You constantly hand them biblical justification for their own ugly behavior.

So I was angry, mad, disappointed in the complete lack of self awareness, the inability to condemn what is quite obviously perverse, to simply name evil for what it is. To stand up for what is right. But then by the second episode I was just hurt and sad. Sad because you guys said you wanted to, “interview somebody who’s representative of the manosphere and somebody preferably who’s a Christian and one of the best and most reasonable voices in the manosphere.”

So you picked Dalrock?? Seriously?! Why didn’t you just pick one of the many, many men now trying desperately to recover from this cult? You know, like the guy who was red pilled on the internet and just laid on his floor for five days wishing he were dead, until a woman found him and had him hospitalized for dehydration? Yeah, you should have interviewed that guy. There are plenty of others radicalized by the red pill now sitting in prison, too. You would have had a captive interview.

I just ached for all the men you didn’t interview………and the women, too, the women whose lives have been utterly destroyed by red pill ideology.

But I was grieved even more when you started saying things like, “Dalrock can be fun to read and insightful……..  but we don’t like Dalrock, we don’t support Dalrock, we don’t think people should read Dalrock.”

Right people, just do the Christian thing, delight and revel in “Game of Thrones” while issuing the standard faith based disclaimer, “we don’t think people actually should watch this show.”

Allow me to wallow in some self pity here, too.  Christian people often run around calling me,  “heretic, delusional, unbiblical, and insane,” and worse names having something to do with jezebel, witchcraft, and having no sexual discretion, while blocking me on social media, but Dalrock is worthy of all this praise and attention? Even backhanded praise and attention?

Of course in the tragedy of all tragedies, I know perfectly well none of these guys are going to listen to me one bit, on account of the fact that they seem to so strongly disapprove of my plumbing. Just the same, I encourage all thinking people, which is indeed a rarity these days, to flee from such inequity.