I’ve been a wee bit annoyed by the obsession with Jusse Smollet, the  little known actor who staged a fake hate crime to garner attention. I have no idea what his issues are, drugs, a desire for fame, failed relationships? Regardless, what annoys me is how dumb this all is, and how the media  kind of blows a whistle and people just react.

I’m very serous about this. The idea that “Smollet is a false accuser making conservatives and Trump supporters look bad,” is so reactionary and dumb it just kind of irritates me. Honest to goodness, I don’t care about politics nearly as much as I care about people engaging the clutch and applying some critical thinking skills once in a while.

Smollett is just a schmuck, irrelevant, unimportant.  Christopher Paul Hasson is far more serious. The link behind his name goes to the WAPO, which is  about as biased and unreliable a news source as you can get. Notice how they report far more about Anders Behring Breivik than they do Hasson. They clearly want you to connect Hasson to right wing terrorism.

That said however, conservatives need to take this stuff seriously and to denounce it. I’ve written a few dozen posts specifically mentioning the Anders Behring Breivik worship, white supremacy, and the far right, including red pills. I could write you a really good profile of Christopher Paul Hasson right now, because I’ve met his clones, I’ve chatted with men just like him, all over the internet. They are quite real, I assure you.

My plea today is to cut the hyperbole. Don’t fuel the hatred. Refuse to pour fuel on the fire and speak out, speak up when you see it, speak against it. There are crazy people in the world who don’t have filters on their common sense. A lot of these guys are hooked on opioids, tramadol, steroids. Their brains just aren’t working right. To make matters worse, there are entire web sites dedicated to nothing more than trying to radicalize mostly disenfranchised white men.

Why? I don’t know, for the excitement perhaps? Drama? A desire to see chaos and violence across America? The thrill of being able to manipulate people? A whole lot of these websites are not even in the US, they are actually run by expats and foreigners.

I’ve actually contacted several websites over the years, asking them to tone it down and stop. Obviously that doesn’t go over very well, but I still want them to understand that the people who are reading them are vulnerable, often hyped up on drugs, and that bloggers, you tubers, podcasters,  have a responsibility not to fuel violence.

Conservatives and liberals have a responsibility not to fuel the hyperbole. And Christians of all sorts should pay close attention to the words we use.

Christopher Paul Hasson said something I’ve heard echoed all over red pills, white supremicists, some far right sites, “Guide my hate to make a lasting impression on this world.” Men so often fear their own irrelevance. They want to make an impact on the world. They want to, “save Western civilization.” They want a target for their own frustration, rage, and sense of powerlessness.

Let’s do everything we can to help avert another senseless tragedy.