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I was having a chuckle the other day pondering the idea of writing in a first person POV. If I ever tried to really write myself, absolutely no one would have any idea what I was even saying. It is dark and scary up there, a bit like scrambled eggs. Very few people speak  my  language, a few words at best.

God does however, God totally speaks my language. That was once a huge revelation to me, blew me right out of the water really. God inhabits my thoughts, wow! And then, Oh crap, God inhabits my thoughts…..

I’m not quite sure how I came to believe that God knew the number of hairs on my head, the days of my life, but He couldn’t read my mind? I think I just presumed that since people could not read my mind, God could not either.

No need to be afraid, God is merciful, kind to us, and probably quite respectful of our privacy. He’s not spying on us, not creepy, not nosy, not judgmental like a person might be. He loves us. But yeah, He can tune in on us with that Divine wi/fi….

So we people have about a hundred thousand thoughts a day. Women manage to give voice to about 30 thousand of them. Men only get about fifty thousand thoughts total, on account of that blank space, their “empty box” where you ask them what they’re thinking and they just say, “nothing.” No, no, I totally jest about those last two things. I just made this entire paragraph up.

We all have about a hundred thousand thoughts a day, most we are totally unaware of. Most of them we don’t consciously think about. Each thought you consciously pay attention to, is going to double, so it can get really crowded up there very fast. But practicing some mindfulness, taking a hold of some of your thoughts can be a really useful tool. Sometimes we can have a lot of negative thoughts flying by and they are influencing us in ways we may not be aware of.

I call it the Monday Morning Stream of Consciousness, and it sounds like this, Great there’s no coffee, I hate my job, bet the car won’t start, I’m probably going to be late, there won’t be any hot water in the shower, I hate my coworkers, blah,blah,blah. 

Pray for me, because I know exactly what the MMSOC sounds like on account of the fact that I get to hear it verbalized loudly times four, every single morning. Trust me, the last thing I need is to have other people’s thoughts in my head……

Just like the bible says however, we have full jurisdiction. Dominion. We control the vertical and the horizontal. We really can do just as it says in the bible, “Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ.”

Our thoughts are just like a river with bits of debree floating by. You can’t control the river, but we can control which ones we chose to reach for, invite in, and entertain.  Don’t try resisting your thoughts or white knuckling it, because that doesn’t work, instead just deliberately reach into the river and chose a better thought. Speak it out loud if you have to. Replace the thoughts you don’t want with better ones. Entertain the good ones.

You don’t have to catch them all, in fact don’t even try. It only takes capturing two or three thoughts to change your  whole narrative.

I was speaking to a young gal on social media, one proclaiming that “people just don’t understand how many mental health challenges her generation faces and how they don’t have any control over these things.” Actually you do. You have a great deal of control and the biggest lie we have sold to people is that they don’t. We’ve gone and taken away the idea of sin and then gone and labeled all the negative emotions “bad,” a symptom of a disease, or an indication of a mental health disorder.

Yeah, we’ve gone and created a very unhealthy social narrative, removed some healthy coping skills, and falsely sold people on the idea that they are somehow now defective, completely powerless victims of disease and assorted afflictions, with no spiritual or emotional solutions available to them. And we’ve gone and labeled everything abnormal, some kind of personal a failure, like “stress.” “Stress” is now a disorder, “grief” is now depression, anger now needs treatment, feelings now need……medication.

Here’s the deal, even if your brain really is misfiring, malfunctioning, you still need to build a healthy spiritual and emotional life, because you are not your brain. 


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