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evedeceivedOkay this is somewhat funny, so I’m going to try to keep my routine “Eve be a cursing now” post, as light hearted as possible.

The idea that Eve is permanently cursed for all of eternity and fully responsible for the entire fall of mankind, is not biblical at all. That is a false teaching. It has to do with the gender wars, biology, culture, and pride.

It is totally false and yet still quite prevalent. The other day I attempted to speak to 3 pastors, (pastors!) who had written curse of Eve stuff. Ha! Speak gently, I might add, as in “Dude, can you show me where in the bible it says Eve and all of her girlfriends are under permanent curse?” 

A bit funny because I empathize, I really do. I totally get why someone might go, you know what’s wrong with the world? Women! They’re all cursed, that’s what. They are the root of all evil! Stupid women brought sin into the world. God even agrees with me on that.

That is false. It is untrue. That is a perception deception. It is not biblical.

In case anyone wondered, having one of Eve’s acursed sisters,  allegedly a member of the always deceived, try to shine a little light on your exegesis, never goes over very well. I try to aim for being the recipient of patronizing platitudes, rather than outright outrage. I’ve had some success with that first one.

I love these words, the whole chapter really, “And it was not Adam who was deceived, but the woman who was deceived and fell into transgression.” But you really have to listen to the intent and the meaning behind them all! They are a call to male accountability, to men taking responsibility for their own selves.

Adam came first. Adam was not deceived. Adam was walking with God for who knows how long, before Eve even came along. Adam tried to blame the woman and even to blame God Himself. He says, “This woman you gave me…” Eve doesn’t lie, she doesn’t try to blame Adam, she flat out says, “the serpent deceived me.” So she, “was deceived and fell into transgression.”

I’m sorry, but to be “deceived” by a serpent actually makes you less accountable, not more. That passage is not telling men, women are inferior, prone to deception, and responsible for the entire fall of mankind….

It is actually saying, Adam was without excuse. Don’t be blaming women. Don’t be putting them in a place where they are somehow responsible for your own choices and the condition of your own soul. With authority comes responsibility, and often blame.  What does not having authority over a man mean? She is not to blame for what ails you.

Blame is actually a thief. It might feel good for a moment, or give you a false sense of superiority, but it actually just totally robs you of all your strength and power.

And the saddest thing of all, by falsely teaching that Eve is permanently cursed and deceived, we’ve short changed MEN. We have taught them to fear women’s wisdom, to flee from our love, and to perceive us as dangerous.

Also, ironically, we’ve unwittingly gone and taught that women are far more powerful then they are. I mean shoot,  we simply pick a place to eat and have the power to doom all of humanity……


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