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Thought it might be fun if we just yell at Bezos the Billionaire today. Amazon guy, richest man in the world.

So I pretty much never pay him any mind, but I was stuck in the grocery store and left staring at the magazines. There he was, “the wife, the mistress, the man.” My first thought was, he has a squinty eye, and one ear is bigger then the other. Not sure what is wrong with those women, but do you two realize you’re fighting over a man with a squinty eye?? Who even does that??

Pop culture can be a bit like the Jerry Springer show, we just pretend we’re layering some polite civility over it. Much like the Springer show however, there are often two women fighting over some sad-looking little man who can’t even keep his pants pulled up. No pun intended, that’s a real thing in the world these days, a fashion statement.

I disapprove of fighting over men, in fact, I don’t even get it. Men are a bit like books, there are more than 124 billion of them in the world. Fighting over a man seems about as silly to me as fighting over sand at the beach. You may laugh if you like, because hubby and I kind of suffer from the same affliction, competing to see who can cultivate the most complete indifference and total disinterest. There’s a lot of love and loyalty going on today, but the essence of that “wutever” avoidance remains.

My second thought was there really is something seriously wrong with being the richest man in the world. I mean spiritually, emotionally, culturally, economically, it is simply perverse that one guy can borrow billions of dollars to keep his business afloat while some 20 percent of his employees in just one state are actually on food stamps. You need not fear that is a political statement or something, because I’ve yet to come up with a moral way to relieve multi billionaires of some of their wealth. I’m just saying, something is all broken in that equation…..

Which brings me to blackmail. Bezos said he was just being a good humanitarian, fighting for the little man, because if the media can blackmail someone as powerful as him and get away with it, then the rest of us don’t stand a chance. I found this somewhat comical, I mean the man who owns the WAPO? Fake news? Amazon drones? Spying on Americans? Isn’t this a bit like the pot calling the kettle black?

Like, let’s invade everyone’s privacy, violate their rights, use our power and influence to control the narrative, and then out of the next breath, No fair! Someone is invading my privacy, using their power and influence to control the narrative and manipulate me!

You don’t say?? Well imagine that.

Near as I can tell, it was actually the girlfriend. Bezos, married for 25 years, now has his mistress threatening to pass over sexy and revealing photos to the very same newspaper the man actually owns. That is downright crazy, totally immoral, and….. hysterically funny. Bahahaha! I mean, you go girl!

I would have sold them to his competitor, but no evil diabolical plan is  ever perfect.

Surely I am not the only one feeling blackmailed here? Like, so how much money do I have to raise in order to protect the  country from a  rash of naked Bezos pictures??? Somebody needs to start a Go Fund me….

So Bezos was really concerned, saying, “if they can do this to me, they can do it to anyone.” I’m really not sure who this “they” is, but even if “they” is real, no they cannot. I’m not sure if you’ve ever been on the bottom rung of the economic and social ladder, but it is virtually impossible to blackmail the little people. I mean, it’s been tried before, it happens, it’s just that threats are kind of empty.

My husband once said something unintentionally very funny, with complete innocence, no guile at all, he responded to “I’ll ruin your reputation,” with, “What reputation??” Totally cracked me up, it was just the reality check I needed. What, is the country club going to kick me out??

A woman with some addiction issues once got mad at me and screamed,when I’m done with you you’ll be washing dishes. Totally messed with my mind, because I actually happened to be washing dishes at the time. She is totally forgiven,it was actually a great wake up call. Like yeah IB, you’re living the dream so well a hysterical woman can’t even imagine how to inflict more misery upon you.

So yeah,I was not really feeling Bezos and his powerful desire to stand up for the little guy. Also, it’s tragically comical to have the wealthiest man in the world at the very least committing adultery, while lecturing  us about the ethics of blackmail.

So this may sound a bit crazy and indeed it is, but I don’t envy those with great wealth and power, I actually feel a bit sorry for them. In my neck of the woods, this great drama would actually be called a non story. There are just truths about human nature, observations about the world around us that simply cannot be learned when you have layers of wealth and power insulating you.


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