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A title a bit tongue in cheek perhaps, but I thought this kid was right on and he just nailed it. Yep, me too, you betcha, been there and done that. That’s the Lord I know, too!

And then here come the Accusers of the Brethren, the minions of social media with their little fiery darts to stone the heretic and accuse him of blasphemy. Some charming soul demanded I denounce this kid forthright and I thought, Oh heck no, I’m going to actually celebrate the beauty of his words and post them  on my blog!

So the essence of the complaint was,  “Jesus is NOT responsible for the sins and rebellion of those in the Body of Christ.”

So who do you suppose is responsible?

That’s a serious question! If Jesus didn’t die for the sins and rebellion of those in the body of Christ, then who did He die for??

Also, show me the part in the bible where its says, “you shall be saved by your willingness to play Stone the Blasphemer???”

So here’s what I’m going to say, it is exceedingly painful to confront the fact that every sin against you, is actually a sin against Jesus. And every sin you commit against another person is actually, a sin against Jesus. He is the one who chose to take responsibility for us, “for God so loved the world.” He is the One who allowed Himself to be nailed to a cross and crucified for our sake.

That’s really uncomfortable, painful, disconcerting, distressing. It hurts, it makes you vulnerable. It’s unfair even! I sin, and Jesus hurts on my behalf.  Jesus bears the sins of our inequities. So you know what I try to do? Grieve Him as little as possible. How can one look in the face of such love, such sacrifice, such grace, and not honor it as best as you possible can?

Mind, body,  and soul.  “Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength and with all your mind’; and, ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.”

So you can hate this little video or you can love it, but one thing a Christian should NOT be doing is running about proclaiming, “Jesus is NOT responsible for the sins and rebellion of those in the Body of Christ.” Because if you miss the part about how He really is responsible, and even sin free, blame free, Holy,  He still took full responsibility for us, well heck, if you miss that part you’ve pretty much just missed the whole boat.

My path to forgiveness also began with Jesus taking a hold of me and saying,  I’m so sorry that happened to you. Do you forgive me, and will you learn trust me again? Do you accept that my blood is not only enough to cover you, but enough to cover them,too?

I do, because “responsibility” is not about guilt, blame, or innocence, it is about power and authority and Who holds it.