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alices adventuresSo, this being a biology blog and all, I was going to watch the great debate between “biologist” JF Gariepy and alleged “Christian,” Vox Day. The problem being, JF Gariepy is more of an evo/psych red pillian white supremacist once accused of luring an autistic teen in a pregnancy plot, than a “biologist.”

And VD?

Well, red pill alt right cultian author of the “Irrational Atheist” who seems to enjoy being the dark lord of some evil legion of evil far more than he does actually following  Jesus Christ.

Welcome to my world. Welcome to Wonderland. Whatever you do, don’t follow the white rabbit.

So I was going to watch this debate but after having gotten familiar with both of these men I soon realized that the entire debate about “evolution versus faith” was completely irrelevant on account of the fact that the only moral choice when trapped in a world populated by these two men, would be to just throw yourself out of a tower window somewhere.

So ends the debate about evolution. The life guard of the gene pool has just stuck her head in the oven, now rendering the whole point mute.

Besides the melodrama of just hurling oneself into the sweet mercy of death, I do have a greater point to make. The entire debate between evolution versus faith really becomes completely irrelevant, when you have these two broken, creepy, white supremacists trying to sell you on either idea, complete nihilism or endless abuse from a wrathful “god.” How about I choose none, as in “none of the above.”

The very nature of the question is just all wrong. The question should be, why would any woman in her right mind want to bring children into the vain imaginings of either dystopian world? It makes little difference to me whether we’ve evolved and descended from apes or we are prisoners on an alien planet forced to serve a falsely imagined wrathful and viscous God who just endlessly revels in hatred and ego games.

Someone dear recently reminded me of poet Carl Sandburg’s words,  “A baby is God’s opinion that the world should go on.”

That’s it precisely. And no, the world that both of these guys envision and fantasize about should not go on. It’s a dark and dreary planet completely unable to sustain life. I mean, VD is so talented at misrepresenting God, I’d really just prefer to be a meaningless bit of biological goo serving no purpose. Perhaps I’ll just crawl back into the sea and sprout some fins.

The thing is, science cannot tell us why we should go on. Evolution cannot tell us why we should continue to have babies. And this ugly, dark, red pillian “Christianity” just endlessly tries to call evil good and good evil. Absent the goodness of God, absent the very definition of what “good” even is,  the very “why” itself ceases to matter anyway.

Shoot, given these examples of so-called  human intelligence, God Himself is probably now rooting for the ape ancestors……..

The bible never speaks of intelligence, not once. It speaks only of “fools” and “wisdom.”  The “why” of our existence is actually not related to our intelligence and reason at all, but to love. God is love. We were made for love. For anyone still listening to me, we actually exist to give glory to God. We are made in His image and as such, creators ourselves. He came that we might have life and life abundant, and so that is what we try to create in the world, too. Life abundant, reflecting God’s love.