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Oh good grief, I don’t know what to say about Pastor Pavlovitz anymore but the words “simpering milksop” and “pathetic tool” do come to mind.

Perhaps that doesn’t sound very charitable and I suppose it’s not, but what else am I supposed to say about a one hit wonder, a media darling with millions of page views and a lap dog media hanging on his every word? I would not find that truth so offensive if he could at least,  just once, write something sensible or encouraging or edifying or at least amusing.

No one even knew who this guy was,  no one even cared, until that one remarkable day when he found his one and only niche, nurturing Trump hate and promoting family divisions with a Christian bent. I kid you not, that’s all he ever does, making him a one hit wonder indeed.

I can forgive a great deal if you are at least amusing. If you are simply pathetic and repetitive, a chronic complainer and never-ending virtue signaling victim, ack.

Just ack. Gag me with a spoon.

So the bee in my bonnet, the ruffle in my bloomers today has to do with his latest post, “The Cult of Trump,”  all about what to do when your loved one just suddenly becomes  a totally indoctrinated, brainwashed, racist, homophobic, deplorable, an embarrassment to all things good, who now makes her grown son cry.

Apparently not.

It would quite lovely if John would go back to the bible, being a pastor and all, but often in America these days that is an expectation far too high. So I shall just appeal to basic human child development here. You need to cut the cord, the umbilical cord. That child is what, in his late 40’s? It is way past time for him to learn to breathe oxygen on his own. Give him a good smack, he’ll come around….

In fact, he really needs to put on his big girl pull ups at some point and simply start honoring his mother in all her raging glory. She’s 74! The amount of disrespect and contempt here is just astounding. It really doesn’t matter what the issue is, you can be right or you can have a relationship. That simple.

But the part of Pavlovitz’s post that really ticked me off,

Totally, John. What every simpering milksop of a codependent man child needs to hear is an affirmation of his need to rescue other people. Like dude, hello! You have just written the opening lines to every eating disorder, addiction, cutting, self harm, love gone wrong song, ever written.

Just reading those two words, “rescue them” had me wandering about the house muttering to myself, desperately seeking some cooking sherry and a half-gallon of chocolate ice cream……

Who even gives advice like that?? Rescue them…

Ai yi yi.

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