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Here’s a good article,  Opposition to transgender “madness” sparks an unlikely alliance.”

Yep, the Rocky Horror Picture Show indeed. Many lesbians have had a bit of  a prophetic eye and  been speaking against the ideology of trangenderism for decades now. Many are immediately shut down, kicked out of jobs, organizations, completely shunned.

Many get it on a really personal level, many have born witness to the results of this cult like following that now has girls so confused they’re taking T shots, living on the streets, and basically seeking to erase everything that makes them female. It’s a disorder, a mental health problem, and simply one of many ways women have attempted to heal what’s within, by trying to erase themselves. What’s different today is this huge political, medical, and psychological lobby, that has been granted way too much power.

There are now transgender kids groups, groups who raise money to literally cultivate transgenderism in kids. Many of them are active on the internet. Many states will even violate parental rights if your child declares their transgenderism and you are anything but completely, unquestioningly supportive.

Really tragic to hear the stories, “my once beautiful daughter is … homeless, bearded, in extreme poverty, sterilized, not receiving mental health services….. “The level of heartbreak and rage I am experiencing as a mother is indescribable.”

Yep. Really horrible, a lot of these teens are already vulnerable, on the autism spectrum, or having learning disabilities, whatever challenges kids have that already make them feel outside of the norm, eager to fit in in some way.

“The level of heartbreak and rage I am experiencing as a mother is indescribable.”


I thought I’d slip this little link in here, not really because of the article, but because of the comments, because it contains so many tragic comments, comments I read every day on line, all over the place, like “That’s awesome! Do you know if the age of 11 is too young to start testosterone????” Or perhaps, “I’m twelve and I want to get a testosterone shot. Is that possible??”

It’s a real problem, a soul crushing, mind numbing,  act of horrific child abuse, where propaganda has now led children and some parents to believe that getting your hormone shots is practically a rite of passage, much like piercing your ears.

Depends what state you live in, laws vary,  but in mine we have this 13 yr old mental health and reproductive rights parental consent exemption law. Really ironic, there’s a push at our state capital right now to raise the age of smoking to 21, while at the same time lowering the age of  consent for transgenderism and hormone therapy.


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