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I totally snagged this from another blogger/author. It’s a screenshot from a video I just watched called, “Are Millennials the Burnout Generation?”

It is also the irrefutable evidence that my generation simply does not exist. Many of us have long lamented this mysterious sense of being totally erased, hence the X factor, the unknown variable marked by complete invisibility, generation X.

So if you want my opinion about Millennials, which I’m quite sure you do, the main reason why they suffer from burnout and anxiety is because they were actually the first generation to ever have been created ex nihilo, the descendants of this sad and tragic missing link nobody has ever heard of. There is simply this 17 year void, this mysterious time warp in history. One day there were all these Baby Boomers and then poof, Millennials.

It also explains why they never phone home, never answer our texts, and pretty much just completely ignore us. We actually really ARE invisible.

Invisible people are not well liked either, there seems to be this desire to just look away politely and completely avoid us. That’s understandable I guess, an X is a hard thing to pin down. The media can stereotype and manipulate the Silent Generation and put Baby Boomers in a box. After all, these people suffered and dealt with their own “international and national crisis.” They know where you’ve been, they know what you’ve seen, they know what buttons to push.

We of the X factors avoided all that with our top-secret weapon, our mysterious cloak of complete  invisibility. Nobody really knows where we’ve been…. and nobody really cares, either. In fact, they really prefer to not think about us at all.  We’re kind of scary and unpredictable. Not only can we see backwards, we can see forwards too.  A bit like owls, our heads can swivel between the past and the future. We don’t think like people want us to think, we don’t vote like people want us to vote,  we don’t buy what people want us to buy, and we ain’t go no time for all these afflictions like snowflakery, anxiety, burnout, or boomer regret.

And of course even if we did have time for those things, we wouldn’t be able to get a word in edgewise, anyway. Just try explaining to either a Boomer or a Millennial that you might have needs, too. Just try it, I dare you.

Boomers just want us to shut up and pay into their social security before it goes broke, and Millennials just want us to shut up and pay into their school loans before they go broke. Nobody really cares that we are already broke!

Most of us are simply engrossed in the work of trying to care for both our aging Boomers and our anxiety ridden, hapless Millennial. We are a forgotten generation indeed, a group of people who somehow got ourselves all entangled in the fabric of the universe. The missing fabric of the universe…

So if you want my opinion, which of course nobody does, seize the day, Gen X!  Play that unknown X factor for all it’s worth. Swivel your head in all directions, put on that cloak of invisibility, and be sure to always keep them guessing.

Or as SNL recently joked, “I’m Gen-X. I just sit on the sidelines and watch the world burn.”

Or there’s always that one too, I guess.


Photo by Porapak Apichodilok on Pexels.com