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First let me say, I’m not complaining about either of these posts. My heart is kind of hanging out there, too. I’m a big fan of strong, empowered women, the real kind, the kind that takes responsibility, doesn’t blame others,  and gets stuff done.

Had an interesting discussion recently about the “good old days,” when allegedly women always stayed home and men worked, and everything looked perfect like a TV sitcom from the Fifties, and I thought, I don’t even know that world. I never saw that world even in the past.

Chuckling here, but I come from the clan of the Caribou barbies, a reference to a slam on Sarah Palin made long ago. My mother, grandmothers, great grandmothers, all hunted and fished, did laundry for soldiers and sold eggs, and worked in the ship yards during the war. They tried to build families. They often dealt with men’s alcoholism, their war traumas, and their family abandonment, and they did so with grace, with compassion, with practicality. It’s really weird to me that the world has just discovered things like sexual abuse, domestic violence, and addiction,  and is now all outraged and offended.

Along comes the world, the modern urban cultural narrative, and suddenly we’re all victims. Say Wut??

So the first post is over at Rabble Rouser’s place and called,  “Wimpy, Whiny, Women” Love how she begins, “Perhaps I’m not connected to the real world today. It seems to me that some women are fighting a war they’ve already won…..”

Right?? Count me among the gals that seem to have trouble connecting to the “real world.” Like whose world is this and what makes it “real?”

Second post is McMommy’s called,  “It’s Only By Challenging Ourselves to Do More…”

There’s some frustration in her post, a taint of anger, but perhaps all satire is fueled by a need to vent, to blow off some steam. I can look back on my own life and declare some of the biggest obstacles in my path where actually placed there by women, and some of the biggest bits of soul rot that wormed their way into me have actually come from other women.

So the Gillette commercial that has sparked so much controversy, I really liked it. I thought it was a pretty positive celebration of manhood. I do kind of wish we’d start seeing the same sort of thing among the overpriced pink goddess razors, the kind of ads that say, Hey, with freedom comes responsibility, with empowerment comes accountability. 

Woman, what are you even doing??

But what would I know, in my neck of the woods it is not even shaving season yet.


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