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The North Pole is packing up and moving to Siberia post-haste, and I think I might be envious of its great escape, but that is beside the point.

The point is actually in this article and several other versions I’ve read, that all suggest  “EARTH’S MAGNETIC FIELD HAS MOVED UNEXPECTEDLY, AND SCIENTISTS AREN’T SURE WHY.”

Be quite funny if we suddenly experienced a magnetic pole reversal sequence and discovered the earth was actually flat. We people have a real propensity for being hoisted on our own petard and I do just love it when God gets the last laugh.

Anyway, nobody really knows why the magnetic field flips or just suddenly reverses its polarity. We’ll just call it some hilarious Divine slapstick.  That really is the official scientific response, by the way, we just don’t know.

There is still great controversy over how much time it actually takes for these things to happen. We estimate somewhere between 50 million to 250 million years…..or perhaps just one or two years…..well, just weeks maybe.  Days, perhaps? We aren’t quite sure.  It’s somewhere along that general time line. There is actually some anxiety right now because we really need to fix the World Magnetic Model, post pronto, but……government shutdown.

I have yet to read a science article that does not mention the sheer urgency of the impending polar collapse, without the helpful reminder that  “because of the U.S. government shutdown, it has been postponed.” Not the sheer tragedy of suddenly discovering we live on a flat earth, not the quite terrifying pancake like effect of collapsed poles, those things have not been postponed.

I mean the solution,  the cure that will potentially save us all from hurling though space on a giant spinning pancake, have all been postponed. Thanks a lot, Donald Trump! Due to your stubbornness, all of humankind is now about to be trapped on the third rock from the sun.

I am chuckling here, but once while I was a child we sailed back from Hawaii, headed to Washington really, but found ourselves in the Aleutian Islands. I know a thing or two about iron and it’s impact on compasses and what it is like when your “North” is not actually your “North” at all. We forget only one degree is actually about sixty miles. “About sixty miles” by the way, is the mathematical definition of “precisely sixty,” as it is currently measured at the moment and barring all variables, like time warps, worm holes, mysterious whirlpools, icebergs, and assorted other irritants.

That little talking woman in our car is now going, take the next left off the freeway, we’re going to need to make a course correction here. You have now over shot your destination, in fact, you aren’t even in the right state anymore….

Do you ever think she’s going to just start yelling at you? I suffer from GPS Post Traumatic Stress, or perhaps it really Pre Traumatic Stress since it’s never actually happened. PTS is the affliction of overthinkers everywhere, Pre Traumatic Stress. Horrible affliction. Can’t recall that woman’s voice ever-growing impatient with me, but she could, she might. It is still within the realm of possibility, right?

Perhaps not.

Anyway, I do advise anyone traveling to the North Pole to be alert to these changes and adjustments, especially ships and airplanes. Heading North is always weird, and that really is the official Navigational Report for anyone heading across the earth’s strange iron rivers, the moving underground ones nobody has ever really seen, the ones that totally mess with our compasses and other instruments.

Just be prepared for some weirdness.


person holding compass

Photo by Valentin Antonucci on Pexels.com