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Sometimes I do enjoy Jordan Peterson. He’s actually a good thinker and pretty honest about himself, too.  A while back he spoke of his 12 rules and which one was the hardest for him personally and it was speaking the truth. Not being silent or lying by omission, or trying to avoid the backlash. Speaking the truth, even as kindly as possible, tends to create conflict. The temptation is to say what people want to hear, to smooth the waters, to go along to get along.

I totally get that, we’ve really become a society that prefers lies and deception and so the truth almost makes you socially inept. Politicians for example, tell us what we want to hear and get themselves elected. Advertisers sell products, often by cultivating some deception.

Even in the simple things we often lie. We bump into one another and say, how you doing? Oh fine. “Fine” is one of those things you say to avoid having a melt down and burdening people with all your personal problems in the grocery store. Hardly anyone wants to say, “I’m totally dying inside and my life is a complete train wreck.” Be a bit funny if we did start speaking the truth to one another more often.

Anyway, JP is Canadian, so he talks funny. (Ha! And now I’ve probably just offended somebody.) But it’s even worse than that, he’s an academic intellectual, and that makes you talk funny, too! He’s also intelligent and sometimes I can really sense how he’s trying to filter down what he’s saying so people will understand him. He is often accused of making “word salad,” but he really doesn’t at all, he’s a very clear thinker. What some people perceive as “word salad” is really just the truth stated somewhat eloquently.

I’m quite fascinated by how we can often perceive things so differently. I’m quite certain we are responsible for the words we say, and for how they are subjectively received by others. I’m going to concede a point however, listeners are also responsible for how they listen. We are in charge of what messages we receive or don’t receive. We are called to take what we need and  to spit out the bones.

Anyway, people often like to spoof JP with clips from the Muppets. These things  amuse me no end, these edited bits of muppetry. Here is one I rather enjoyed.