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“CAD: Chronological Amnesia Disorder.”   I totally snagged that from Rick Thomas and it is a completely fictional disorder he made up to describe this communication gap some of us older folks can have with younger ones. He tells a lovely tale of not understanding why his grandma hung empty milk jugs in the garage, “just in case she ever ran out of gas.”

Ha! Alas, it seems I totally suffer from CAD and fully understand why his grandma saved the milk jugs. Makes perfect sense to me. Sometimes I think I was born in the wrong time zone, because prewar times and the great depression all make a great deal of sense to me. That’s my comfort zone. You get up to WW2 and baby boomers and I am just lost. I really don’t get it. You soon arrive at the 1960’s when I was actually born and I am completely confused. I see nothing but a  world gone mad and I cannot even relate.

The times they are a changing. I don’t even like Bob Dylan. Nails on a chalkboard. Cant believe we gave that guy a Nobel Prize.

It’s only gotten worse. Things have not improved at all. You should see me trying to deal with an escalator, a security camera, and a drone. A while back the gas pump actually started talking to me and I freaked out. Still haven’t recovered properly.

I appreciated Rick’ post because it reminded me to be patient with people, to understand that we are all products of our environment, our culture, our taboos, mores, and also a great deal of propaganda, indoctrination, and social pressure.

Human nature doesn’t really change, but culture sure does, fads and fashion, and people really are impacted by their environment. You really have to spend a lot of time in self-reflection and prayer to fully understand how much of our thinking is not really our own, not really a reflection of who we are. I’m a big fan of, “don’t believe everything you think.”

This post is a bit tongue in cheek, but Rick poses a really good question, a symptom of “CAD” that I really do struggle with, that I must work on constantly. He says, Are you more apt to become discouraged by or angry with your culture, or are you more willing to engage your culture with the gospel? 

Discouraged and angry, quite frequently. I love that saying, the disciples didn’t go about saying what is the world coming too, they said, look at Who has come into the world.

Good mindset to cultivate.

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