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There’s been this long term churchian scandal unraveling for a few years, one that I keep bumping into for some reason. It’s regarding David Taylor and Joshua Media Ministries. 

That’s only one link and it’s something that’s been going on for a long time, so I feel somewhat assured that there is some truth to these tales. You hear the same story from like, 10 different women and it’s time to start believing the victim.

So I want to be quite clear here. The bible says, “Let not many of you become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.”

If the Lord’s word is not safe in your mouth and you are using your Christian authority to exploit people, you are in a world of hurt and big trouble. All things are not equal in a biblical sense, and flat-out you, “will incur a stricter judgment,” when you wear His uniform, when you claim His name.  Those women are guilty of being nitwits, that pastor is guilty of misrepresenting His name and wounding souls. Big difference.

Nitwittery is simply the human condition and somewhat forgivable. Misrepresenting the Lord and using His name to exploit people is a far more serious offense.

But I just want to address nitwittery and the tragic condition of modern womanhood. I want to pour heaps of understanding and mercy upon people, while at the same time saying, dang, wut the heck is even wrong with you?

Where is our strong, independent, and empowered womanhood? What has made women so foolish? Why were you so vulnerable? Weak? Dumb? Self absorbed? Greedy? Needy? What is missing within your own soul??!

Those are some harsh words, but I think they really need to be said. This is 2019, woman have all sorts of rights, opportunities, and support, more so then at any other time in history the world over, and we’re choosing to have an illicit affair with a pastor? Not only that, but an ugly pastor too, one with a long reputation, who actually has to buy women expensive gifts to even get their attention.

Like receiving a Jaguar and some 900 dollar underwear is not evidence you have now fallen down the rabbit hole and are entering the twilight zone of teh stoopid? It is one thing to succumb to lust, to be carried away by someone’s mesmerizing gaze and ravishing good looks.  It is a whole other matter to just faceplant in the entire pond of kissable frogs because you think you spy an ATM machine across the distant shore…

But what makes this  particular scandal so irritating to me, you now try to claim victimhood? Our daughters are watching you! You were not a victim of force or of some kind of skilled psychological manipulation, you wanted power, status, attention,  and that 900 dollar underwear, and so you sold yourself cheap and used your sexuality to try to attain it. It just is what it is.

I have no pity for this pastor either, I am not in the least bit bothered by the vicious facebook vengeance campaign against him, but just the same, that is actually you, that is your own ugliness and outrage pouring forth. And it is ugly indeed!

I mean, some women are angry this man betrayed them and did not honor his commitments? What commitments? His commitments to his many illicit affairs?

So, what is this thing? Is this like trying to say, “I am entitled to be treated honorably by the dishonorable while dishonoring my own self and dishonoring the Lord I believe in, too?” Say what….??

So this is not female victimhood at all, this is just plain old fashioned sin. We are  victims sometimes of wrong thinking, deceptive attitudes, worldly brainwashing, confused sexual mores, but we are not victims of our own choices and behaviors, and when those behaviors turn out to be harmful and false, we don’t get to just try to blame others like some kind of innocent damsel in distress.

Like oh, he’s  a horrible “predator and cultian.” Yeah, well he’s a “predator” with a big checkbook apparently…

If I had my druthers, and I do seem to be in short supply of druthers these days, but I would suggest you just stop, drop, and, roll. Take a look at your own behavior. Stop the revenge campaign. Turn to the Lord, confess your mistakes, ask Him to heal what is broken within YOU.

You can’t fix other people, but you sure as heck can take personal responsibility  when you walk face first right into them, and thoroughly enjoy the ride….right up until you fall off. And when you’re a Christian, and a fifty three year old one at that, with an instruction manual in your hand explaining to you, “flee from sexual immorality,” well, you are pretty much just without excuse.

I’m sorry you hurt yourself. Now get up, brush yourself off, and walk it off…

The good news is, the Lord is kind and gracious to those who fall face first in the frog pond, but you have got to turn away from the seduction of chronic victimhood and the blame game. What’s going on with this scandal is a really poor representation of Jesus Christ, a slam on His church as a whole, a disgraceful mentorship of what it means to be a woman in 2019, and it makes it so much harder for genuine victims of abuse to ever be heard and to be believed.