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Oh good  grief, I just read this piece and I am now absolutely exhausted, my eyes just glazed over and fighting a slight headache. Stop the ride, I want to get off!

The piece is called, “Help, My Daughter Got a Bunch of Princess Stuff for Christmas!”

Well that is just tragic. What I would suggest  is that you project an incredible amount of parental guilt onto that kid, and be sure you are using your small child as a weapon and shield against a world gone mad. I mean, we have got to raise these young uns right, right?

How else can ever hope to rid the world of it’s great patriarchal gender biased, woman erasing norms and pornified rape culture? And you simply must do it yourself because obviously fathers, especially straight fathers, never take on any “emotional labor” themselves.

Ewww,  especially “straight fathers,” I mean that’s just so heteronormative and icky poo.

So if I were you, I would make it quite clear to this child that she is a victim of her gender and will go right on being a victim. You need to instill these messages in them while they are still young enough to be totally unable to sense things like, my mother sure seems to be packing around a whole lot of needless bovine poo….

Whisper those sweet nothings in her ear like you accuse her barbies of doing,  “come here, little girl… let go of your individuality, your power, your freedom. Join me in the glamour and popularity of gendered subordinate dehumanized servitude… everybody’s doing it… first one’s free….” 

Listen to your mama kid, you too can find bitterness, that same place of existence, that “bleak dystopian future of internalized misogyny….”

I mean, a bit ironic but these messages really are just oozing misogyny, woman hate, and there’s not a man within miles. They hate every darn feminized thing about those plastic princesses, including the color pink, and they seem to believe that womanhood amounts to “gendered subordinate dehumanized servitude. “

Mama just gets worse and goes on to say,  “And none of my strategies will work if family members are modeling that females should try to please the “male gaze.”

I don’t wish to be indelicate here, but talk about the law of unintended consequences! At some point biology is going to bloom in that child, and she is going to actually “desire the male gaze. ” You have just put that child at war with her own body, at war with her own femininity, at war with her own biology even. You have just made it shameful that any female ever, anywhere, for any reason,  ever desire the male gaze.

Shame shall rule the day just as soon as she finds herself actually attracted to boys, also known as the little spawn of our “toxic misogyny of our hideously patriarchal culture”…. “and our our porn-addicted rape culture.”

Inflicting her with Star Wars posters and Jungian warrior archetypes will not prevent her femininity and desire for the male gaze from coming forth but it may well stiffle, suppress, repress, and shame and confuse her when it does. I mean, what kind of a creature is attracted to those, “vile porn addicted misogynistic beasts of the patriarchal rape culture?”

Mama says, “We must develop their critical feminist lens, so they can see through the lies and know that “femininity” is a prison of oppression and misery.”

That was enough to make me just wail in despair and throw up in my mouth a little bit. Femininity is a huge gift, a great joy, a celebration of life and life abundant. How truly awful it is to have your very being, a significant part of your very identity, equated with misery and a prison  of oppression?!

Mama actually “teaches courses about Sex, Dating, Marriage, and Work in the Religion and Theological Studies Department at Merrimack College,” and “holds an M.Div. from the Boston University School of Theology.”

Well, aint that special.


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