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I quite liked Anthony’s post called, Resolutions to Avoid in 2019. Very funny. Lots of good marriage advice, too.

I actually came home like Snow White the other day, out trilling with the forest creatures, only to find out hubby had decided to just become one of the seven dwarves himself, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, I’m not quite sure which one, but he was certainly dressed for the role.

Very funny, I just came in and blurted out, “So, you’re not leaving the house like that!” He smiled kind of smugly and said, “I already did.” Honestly, I had no idea I had any pride left, or really, just any human dignity left for that matter, but apparently I still do.

He had indeed, left the house “like that” to pick up our youngest kid. She soon marched in demanding to know why I had sent Grumpy out to pick her up. I had not, I wasn’t even home to supervise at the time. A bit comical, because if anyone deserves to be embarrassed, it is that child. She will bellow out strange things in public place that embarrass absolutely everyone, but be totally mortified when she realizes one of her parent’s socks don’t match.

And hubby, much like our kids used to do, whined, “Why not? Everything’s covered.” Yes, well it’s what it was covered with that matters, and shorts, suspenders, red long johns, and sandals with socks, are just not a good look, Grumpy.

I admit, this time of the year we do tend to don our fine attire, curl up in the house, and live in constant terror of the doorbell ringing and someone catching us in purple batman pajamas and a red flannel shirt. Okay perhaps not terror, merely some slight hesitation, but still.

Loved Anthony’s number eight unwise New Year’s Eve resolution, “I resolve to change my spouse’s mind, or else.”  Bahaha! That’s a good one.

Anyway, I resolved not to make any New Year’s Resolutions, on account of the fact that the same will power that led me astray and caused the need for a  resolution in the first place, is likely to just fail me again.

I am laughing though, I do love how we so often come out of a season of indulgence, swearing to stop eating so much, to start exercising, to will ourselves into better habits. As if that very same will power did not just will us in the opposite direction barely a week ago…..

Regardless, for people who do believe in resolutions, I like to suggest we start small and we surrender our own will.  Thy will be done, on earth as it is in heaven. Rather then trying to white knuckle it under your own steam and deprive yourself of certain things, invite the Lord’s will in and fill yourself up with more of His good things. The fuller you are with the good things, the less room you will have for the bad.

Ever eaten so much healthy food you’re just too stuffed for a cookie? Bahaha, me neither, but in theory it really works. Speak positive resolutions over yourself, heavily infused with the Lord’s rich abundance and good will towards us. Resolve to avail yourself of his colorful cornucopia of varied veggies, to bless yourself with more of His peace and rest in prayer, and to delight in the whimsical gift that is Grumpy.


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