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In what surely must be called a case of much too little, much too late, Pastor Doug Wilson finally addresses the Dalrockians in a post called, Take Me Instead.

It seems as if he is now being upbraided by more than a few red pills, some of which have written to him, and some of whom have blogged long screeds about wanting to cook his goose in a rich and savory stew. There is not much I can do at this point but add some red wine to the sauce, throw a log on the fire, and to bake some garlic bread…..

I bumped into the red pills many years ago while cheerfully blogging about the happy things, marriage, faith, submission, life, and I was quite horrified to discover this totally awful, deeply perverse, twisting of scripture in a  way that justifies the abuse and exploitation of women. Also, the complete and total destruction of  men who are encouraged to nurture bitterness and offense. Also, to indulge in lots of violent porn.

Like what could possibly go wrong there, right?

So Pastor Wilson was frequently quoted, for good or for ill, but basically in a way that gave scriptural justification for the beliefs the red pills were selling. So I set out to find out who exactly this Pastor Wilson was and to ask him a few questions.

I should have made an appointment, driven right up there, and said hey, I have some questions. Like, are you aware of how some of your headship teachings are being misused, misunderstood, and misapplied by some really unsavory characters? That failure to just go in person is totally my fault. I lacked the method, the means, and the madness to do it properly, and the internet is sometimes a terrible venue for communication.

I also seriously miscalculated how much actual racism, genuine anti Semitism, and for real outright misogyny actually infects some of his fan base. Some of his base, not all. Like, the entire alt right spilled forth out of the closet like the keyboard warriors they are. This is no secret, such things offended Wilson himself and so he shut down his comment section to avoid it all.

So here is the very nature of my complaint, contained in his very first paragraph, in which he says, “There are times when I feel like that peace-making fellow at Gettysburg who decided to usher in national harmony by parading between the two armies wearing a blue coat and gray trousers. The only thing that happened was that he got shot at by both sides, and retired from the field a bit wiser.”

The problem here is that you are not a peacemaker, you are peacekeeper, as in you wish to keep the peace among your followers and fan base, many who are afflicted with some genuine issues around women hatred, racism, and violent pornography. Like a lot of people who got a good thing going, you seek their favor, rather than their well-being and sanctification.

Hence we have the somewhat namby pamby, soggy pasta, overly spiritual, mushy response to Dalrock, that tries so hard to be diplomatic.  Most of those Dalrockians and red pills don’t even know the gospel and here you are lecturing them about headship. It’s kind of like, have you been washed in the blood of the Lamb? Who cares, just rule over your wife and demand she submit more.

So the red pill men who would bang hot 14 yr old Asian chicks, and pervert the gospel, should not be ruling over anyone. These are not “men,” these are incredibly broken and wounded souls. Pedophiles, players, and pornographers, forever perched on the edge of violence, unable to have a healthy human relationship, let alone a healthy relationship with Jesus Christ.

There is only one side, you should be on only one side, Pastor Wilson, because there is the  right side and the wrong side. Your unwillingness or inability to name evil for what it is and to choose the side of righteousness is the problem. The problem is that your bias against women is always going to color your vision, lead you to side with men first, no matter what the issue. It’s written all thorough your curse of Eve stuff. Your eyes are cloudy like you have cataracts, so perhaps you cannot see it, but that is the very nature of the problem, the essence of the heart matter.

I did not want to reach this conclusion, but I did, I did even while wading through some blatant character assassinations against Pastor Wilson. I’ve been on the internet a long time, I know how to discern a character assassination versus a valid complaint. And a complaint is not always an accusation, sometimes it is nothing more than a gentle plea to please hear me.

The problem pastor, is that you sat on the wrong side of the court room once and you continue to sit there to this day just like, “that peace-making fellow at Gettysburg who decided to usher in national harmony.”

And the cry of every single one of your victims is always the same, I don’t want to make peace with evil,  I want a Godly man to denounce evil for what it is, to make my safety, protection,and healing his priority. I want him to choose me, I want him to sit on my side of the courtroom for once, as if I actually had real value, too!

For a few years now I have begged, pleaded, tried so hard to engage Pastor Wilson, but to no avail. I do know I have been seen, I do know I have been heard. Heck, my very name even appears in one of his ebooks on sexual abuse, his “letters to a broken girl.”

And yet which side of the courtroom has he once again chosen to stand on? Dalrock’s. The red pills. Those who would pervert the gospel, day after day, month after month, those who openly advocate outright abuse and violence towards women. 

The red pills call Pastor Wilson “a limp wristed cuck,” and who I am to argue with such accusations? Those men really needed you to side with the gospel, and against them, to side with what is right, and against them, but once again you actually failed to stand on the right side of the courtroom so they would have something steady to place their trust in. That is why they call you a “limp twisted cuck,” because rather then fighting back spiritually and standing in the truth, you curry their favor much like a fat priest does in a room full of choir boys.

A shepherd who protects the wolves and leaves the sheep to fend for themselves is no shepherd at all.