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I thought I should get in on the action here, the murmuring about everything, the chronic and perpetual offense. ‘Tis the season and all. And why would I do such a thing? I suppose because hidden behind the sheer foolishness of all our complaints is the fact that we really do live in a first world country where we have the freedom to navel gaze and obsess over the trivial and the petty.

In the olden days we would simply complain about the weather, being one of those small talk, impersonal things we really have no control over. We’ve been robbed of that great pleasure however, because now we have weather controversy and any mention of the weather is sure to trigger great offense, like how obviously you are a science denier who hasn’t got with the global warming program. Er, I mean climate change. Regardless of what the weather is actually doing, I assure you it’s going to get much worse and it’s totally our fault.

I tend to avoid any conversation that is heavily tainted with, it’s going to get much worse and it’s totally your fault. I’m not a big fan of fatalism and shame and the world seems to be just marinating in both of them right now. But of course it is! I mean, we’ve also pulled away from Christ somewhat, and where is all that shame and fatalism supposed to go now?? 

The cure for fatalism and shame is actually grace and redemption to be found at the foot of the cross. Without those beautiful things, we simply have to blame somebody or something for our troubles.

Enter Christmas music or really worship music of any kind. How do you know you’re living in a first world country? When the music begins to offend you. And so we’ve had a lovely week of picking apart, lamenting, and actually banning some Christmas songs. “Baby it’s cold outside” for example, is now all date rapey and very bad.

And now I’m offended, because two of my favorite Christmas songs just so happen to be, “Baby it’s cold Outside” and “Mr Grinch.” I’m not certain we should actually call them “Christmas songs,” at all, because I’ve never heard them sung in church nor are they in anyway related to our faith. Just the same,they are two favorites of mine and now bad, very bad. We have now gone and hurt the Grinch’s feelings by singing about his total depravity. 

I cannot beat them, so I’m going to just join them and confess, I love Christmas music when we are singing it together in fellowship with one another. Nothing delights me more than a good rendition of “Joy to the World”……in August. Oh come let us adore Him, in the summertime too.

But the Christmas music in the stores, on the radio, at work??Ai yi yi, I made it about four hours in before that relentless 24/7 perkiness just  began to wear on me. Every darn song has the same tune and it goes like this “shop shop shop and shop some more, fa la la la la….”

Grrrrr……we people are not little wind up toys running in circles as fast as we can, nor should we be inundated with background music that keeps us on beat,  More,more, more, mmmore! Moar.

Ack. Make it stop please, I just cannot bear it anymore.

So actually I am feeling quite blessed as I roll my eyes and plug my ears, because what an amazing and incredible problem this is to have. What astounding evidence that God is good indeed, that He has shed His favor upon us. How blessed we are to be so free of the cares of the world, so “not suffering,” that we have the time and the energy to lament and bemoan the petty stuff. Not saying that’s a good thing, just saying, it’s a wonderful life when we can celebrate and wallow in our trivial offenses.

But that relentless beat, I’m telling you, just kill it with fire…..