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There’s a little acronym I really like, ACTS I. It’s an easy reminder for me about, what are you supposed to be doing, what are the priorities, how do we pray?

This time of year especially, the days can be getting darker,the weather is frightful, there is stress about money, and we tend to dash about trying to get all these chores done. It’s ironic how we so often approach the season of joy, doing all the things that are sure to suck the joy right out of you.

ACTS I stands for Adoration, Confession, Thanksgiving, Supplication, and Intercession. They are all a mysterious invitation to joy, the keys to the kingdom of joy, if you will.

There are a lot of reasons for that, adoration tends to make our hearts soar, and so we sing, “Come let us adore Him.” When we are adoring and delighting in Him, we become joyous. Confession unburdens our heart, it breaks the power of toxic secrets.  Confession can also be a positive declaration, as in confess the truth of who God says you are. Thanksgiving, cultivating an attitude of gratitude, brings our blessings to the forefront. Supplication is a humble petition, also known as, asking for what you need. Intercession brings us to other focused love, our power to help others through our prayers.

I have to just go through all the motions sometimes, trust in the process, almost like following an unfamiliar recipe, but it really works and soon the feelings begin to come back on line and synch with the rest of me. Joy is a fruit of the spirit and perhaps it comes and rests easy in some, but for me it actually requires effort. I often have to engage in the constant work of rejoying myself, refilling my cup.

Love how the bible says, “rejoice. And again I say, rejoice.” And again and again and again. It’s that act of refilling your cup, rejoying yourself, putting gas in your tank, drinking in some living water.


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