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So Nightwind has PSA, A PLEASE READ AND SHARE (ESPECIALLY TEXAS READERS) about a young girl who was murdered about 38 years ago near Huntsville, Texas. Click the link to get the full details and the photos of what she may have looked like.

Somewhere there’s a family that needs closure, perhaps some law enforcement, too. Nobody ever wants to see a child left as a, “Walker County Jane Doe.” The case has apparently be reopened, so that’s a good thing.

It’s a really sad story. She and I are about the same age and we seem to have had some similar troubles in our early lives. So pass the info around and if you know anything, contact someone. Nightwind has a phone number to call.

I just wanted to say we actually have a lot of retired cops  where I live and some of them have taken up local cold cases that have long been unsolved. A few have actually been solved thanks to their work. I just want to say, I sure do appreciate those guys. They remind me that there are people in the world who actually do care.

I’ve never been to Texas and I don’t know this girl, but I do know there are people who care. Let’s pass it around and try to help them give her a name. Somebody knew her, she’s somebody’s missing child.