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hobgoblins2I really appreciated this article,  “Social Justice Statement Theologically Weak, Misguided, Some Conservative Christians Say.” It kind of sums up some of my concerns and it pleases me to know that disagreement is not just going to  split down partisan lines.

Quite a few conservative Christians disagree with John MacArthur’s anti social justice piece of works.

Conversely however, I also really appreciated Pastor Wilson’s defense of his own signing and his rebuttal to Dr Joel McDurmon’s  objection. Pastor Wilson blogs,  “American Vision and the Word that Justifies.”

It’s quite an eloquent piece, well worded and the theology is quite beautiful. I certainly understand the difference between justification and “social justification.” He’s a charmer, no doubt about that, and I so, so want to agree with him.

Ha! Let me agree with his words here especially, “I am a socially-designated gremlin, a wraith, a loup-garou, a hob-goblin.”  All true, but I prefer to just call him, “The Blind Pharisee of Sherwood Forrest.” He hardly even rates hobgoblin status!

hobgoblinsBut alas, no. No, I cannot come into agreement with Pastor Wilson on account of the fact that I know things, that there is history there, that I must read his words in the context of his “antibellum romanticism,” his previous books and writings that eventually led me to  nickname him The Blind Pharisee of Sherwood Forrest in the first place.

“In Christ there is no condemnation,” let me be quite clear about that truth. However, context is everything, how we apply scripture really matters. A pedophile priest can also quite easily declare, “in Christ there is no condemnation.” A good con artist can relieve you of your life savings while whining about how your forgiveness is mandatory and he really doesn’t want to be bothered with all this “guilt, guilt, guilt” stuff.

This part also just blew my mind, in an almost comical way. The man who so often  speaks of “twinkies in tight tops,”  and  Jezebel’s with pink hair and yoga pants, and how slavery is one of the best things that ever happened to black people, wails and laments of social justice ideology and white guilt and says, “You will never be good enough, you will never be pure enough, and you will always be a misogynistic racist. You exude micro-aggressions.”

Bahahaha! Right. Actually you really do exude microaggressions. Or perhaps even macro aggressions.

So here is the deal, “in Christ there is no condemnation.” Who the Son sets free, is free indeed. Nobody has ever made me feel guilty without the Lord’s permission, meaning there would have to be some repressed shame there to trigger. That finger I was pointing at someone else would have to have four more on the same hand pointing right back at me. In order to feel guilty, I would actually have to be guilty.

I have heard you will never be good enough, you will never be pure enough, my entire life. So have a lot of racial minorities, a lot of people who grew up in abject poverty, a lot of women in purity churches, a lot of victims of childhood sexual abuse.

I come from the wrong side of the tracks, so I understand that deep-seated hunger for justice, the cry of despair that realizes, you will never be good enough, never be accepted, never fit in, never be allowed to come anywhere near any form of power.

I can’t tell you how “delightful” it is to be rendered invisible, to be a victim of someone else sin, to turn to a church that is supposed to be known for its righteousness, AKA its “justice,” and there you just find the  same darn thing, “You will never be good enough, you will never be pure enough…..”

Jesus heard it too, when Jesus walked the earth. He really was sin free and righteous, but it didn’t matter to those in power, did it? Everything Jesus does on earth is addressing injustices, the woman at the well, the adulteress about to be stoned, the demon possessed man, a hungry crowd needing to be fed, the blind man he heals…..

It was our injustice that sent Christ to the cross.

We of the church (especially of the church safely tucked away in the Western world,) have every right to insist that our justification, entitles us to, qualifies us for, social justification. The Lord says we were made in His image and we were worth dying for. To attempt to separate Christ’s justification of us, as somehow being completely apart and separate from our right to social justification, just astounds me.

It is our very justification itself that steps forward and demands social justification too, as His righteous and chosen heirs to a kingdom.

According to Pastor Wilson himself, he and Toby Sumpter were consulted about John MacArthur’s anti social justice declaration before it was even published. Right. Because if I were going to write a totally loving and wholly NOT racist declaration to my Christian brothers and sisters, the first thing I’d do is consult with the author of, “Southern Slavery, As It Was,” now known as “Black and Tan.”

I’m actually being quite gentle here, quite kind, because in truth I know perfectly well that “antebellum romanticism,” is just a very nice way of saying that beneath the polite veneer the smooth wordsmithery,  beneath the Christian label,  lurks some real contempt and prejudice towards your own brothers and sisters in Christ.

How in the world is one who has no voice supposed to speak the truth in love to a bunch of hobgoblins? This entire anti social justice piece is nothing but an imbroglio of hobgoblinry, a vast and tangled web that tries to credential it’s wrong heartedness as if it were something endorsed by God Himself.