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I really appreciated Talk Wisdom and her post called, “Why “Justice” is Not the Mission of the Church.”

I’ve been wrestling with issues around justice for a good decade now. No, I am not  enthusiastic about “social justice” because I think “justice” is the wrong focus for us as the church. All in good humor here, but I don’t want “justice” personally, I want the full righteousness of Jesus Christ and a ton of unmerited favor.

A ton of unmerited favor. 

Justice is kind of more like tit for tat. I want people to know Jesus and to NOT get what they deserve, because Jesus is about grace and life abundant, life and grace so plentiful  all you can really do is wonder at the complete injustice of it all.

Conversely however, I  AM NOT going to be signing this statement against Social Justice. I have a whole myriad of concerns about it and I really think it’s the wrong heart,wrong head, wrong time. Also, the words are poorly defined and filled with political hyperbole. To make matters worse, it is not an open discussion, an attempt to embiggen the conversation with some genuine brothers and sisters in faith, it’s actually a proclamation declaring you aren’t even worthy to be  a part of the discussion…….which quite ironically is why we actually have social justice warriors today.

I however, really appreciate good discussion and debate, so have at it, tell me what you think about the whole thing.