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I invite you to have a chuckle with me, because recently I actually managed to listen and obey the Holy Spirit, and I’m  pretty sure the moment I did, a heavenly choir just burst out in song and a couple of angels fainted.

I only say that partially tongue in cheek, because I actually did feel a heavenly choir all full of joy. It’s still singing in the background, too. How do I know I’ve done the right thing? Usually I will suddenly leap from weeks of anxiety and confusion to….joy! I got that joy, joy, joy down in my heart….

Also peace. Ah, you’ve managed to do the right thing. Now that truly is a miracle….

It’s a trifle, a small thing, so you needn’t worry that I’ve decided to invade a small country or something, BUT I’ve learned that even the “small things” really matter. I’m actually fairly good at obeying the “big things,” it’s those little things that often trip me up. A bazillion little foxes can be nipping at my heels and I will go, “it’s no big deal, at least it isn’t, like a bear or something really dangerous.”

Right. Don’t do that, it’s just as illogical as it sounds.

So, I’m really enjoying this song  and the video right now, and the celebration of joy and obedience. I’m tired, the weather is lousy, I feel as if our summer amounted to drizzle and a sun break, followed by smoke, smoke, smoke….and now fall is here. My life is kind of impossible and crazy and yet, I really do have that joy,joy, joy, down in my heart.