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Ha! I found this to be epically charming, right on the money, and so profoundly true. A hat tip to “Saint Gamma” and to the Lord who so often makes heroes out of ordinary men.

For those who don’t know, Vox Day is yet another popular writer, a Christian on the internets selling some genuine bovine poo about our faith. I have no idea who Saint Gamma is, but apparently he went and asked of VD, in part,

“1. Who do you say Jesus Christ is?
 2. What did he do at the Cross of Calvary and why?

I think If you don’t get Jesus right, then nothing you say about any other subject matter can be trusted.  I guess that is my litmus test of truth and trust…”

So VD’s response is, “I’m not a performing monkey.”

And Saint Gamma says in part, “I think you just answered my question. You are not a Christian, because any true believer in Christ would not hesitate to answer, or not know the answers to my simple questions….”


So, as it usually goes with these things, I suppose the vile minions will now gang up attempt  to relentlessly shame and attack this guy for daring to state the obvious and…. for having the courage to reach out to VD in brotherly love. Let me tell you, that takes some intestinal fortitude, indeed. It is not for the faint in heart.

Brotherly love, Vox. The guy expresses some affection for your ideas but is deeply concerned about your walk with the Lord. Receive that, it’s the truth. It is also a reflection of the Lord’s grace and His concern for your well being. I’ve watched literally dozens come by and attempt to speak to you gently about such things over the years. They don’t even want to change you. They aren’t trying to attack you. They have simply tested the spirits and sensed something is all awry here. Then in way that will bring them absolutely no earthly reward, in fact, it’s likely to just unleash a whole lot of abuse, they have dropped a kind word on you.

People like Saint Gamma become the hands and feet of Christ, the manifest evidence of His presence in the world. I realize most of us do a rather shabby job of it, but just the same, our actions, the condition of our hearts,  our kindness towards others, becomes the tangible evidence of God in the world. Our faith actually becomes “the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

That’s in Hebrews 11:1. God doesn’t ask us to be performing monkeys, He simply asks us to tell the world who He is and why He has come, and to spread the good news.


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