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So like, if you’d prefer not to walk through the muck with me, be forewarned this post probably requires hip waders and goggles. Like, just reading some of  this stuff made me throw up in my mouth a little bit. So why do I even do it? Mostly to try to understand where people get these crazy, stereotyped ideas about “Christianity.” So I am more equipped to show compassion towards those who may have rejected faith. To strengthen my own faith, to test some of my own beliefs.

To help some people understand that Christians are not all marching in lockstep. To try to separate genuine faith from cultural Christianity. To challenge others to learn to discern and to begin to think for themselves. To clear the path before those who may be more vulnerable than I am.

So Pastor Doug Wilson of Moscow fame wrote a post called “On a Wife Deciding to Leave,”  in which he basically tries to apply biblical laws regarding runaway slaves to modern day women escaping abusive marriages.  I guess I should be grateful for small favors, I mean Wilson does try to sort of, kind of, defend and protect the  runaway slave, I mean the abused wife, on biblical grounds.

Almost. At least he is willing to concede she could have some of the same rights as a person perceived as nothing but a piece of property…

Ai yi yi. Like I have absolutely no idea why any woman would get the crazy idea that such things are just frothing with contempt, just loaded with disrespect towards all of womankind?  Like, ewww, really yucky.

So just when I thought things couldn’t get anymore vile, up pops Dalrock and the red pills, totally outraged that Pastor Wilson even went that far, in essence granting women some of the same biblical rights as runaway slaves.  Dalrock writes, “And Now a Brief Word for the White Supremacists” That’s in part a mocking title playing off of an old one of Wilson’s posts directed towards Dalrock, in which he quite rightly called him an abuse aficionado.

So like, isn’t this a bit like how the Christian with issues around white supremacy is trying to shame the Christian who is pretty much an abuse aficionado? Neither of these guys are particularly honest about what they genuinely believe, but that really is the heart of it. They can both clearly see the other for who they really are and what ideologies they are truly advocating in favor of. Even though they would probably both deny it…while preaching some rubbish about how OTHER people are dishonest with God.


Tragically, they both seem to believe that the bible somehow validates or confirms their own particular brand of spiritual blindness, total insanity,  and complete moronitude.

Call me crazy, but I’d just like to build a wall around both of these men, surrounded by barbed wire and a moat of alligators. About 2 mins in, my soul actually begins to just shrivel up, to die on the vine, and to begin to rot….

This is so NOT my Father’s heart for anyone, and certainly not for His daughters. This is vulgar, wrong, and unkind. Both posts, both hearts. It’s the heart that is all wrong! So what do many people in the Western world often see of Christianity? Rubbish just like this, nothing more than the arrogance and pride of broken men reveling in their alleged male superiority, and yes their privilege, too.

You got some woman who is totally overwhelmed, on the verge of a complete breakdown, perhaps with an alcoholic, abusive husband, four kids, one of whom is probably disabled, and it doesn’t even occur to anyone she might need a hand? Some emotional and spiritual support perhaps? Apparently it does not. I mean, totally self-absorbed moronitude cannot empathize with anyone or anything beyond its own perpetual navel gazing. This is a Christian woman, for crying out loud! In Wilson’s example, the poor woman can’t even trust her elders but must now argue biblical values with them, too. So basically, good luck girl, carrying around that wagon load of rocks, all ALONE.  Obviously, we just despise you and your mess.

What else do people see of “Christianity?” They also see the over a 1000 victims of sexual abuse in Pennsylvania alone that was covered up by the Catholic church, repeatedly. That’s what people often see of “His church.”

A strong and powerful message that in “His church” you are not worthy, you are less than, you are inferior, that the institution or the bureaucracy or the leadership has more worth and value than you do.

I’m afraid that really is what many people see when they think of “His church.” In case anyone wondered, this kind of stuff makes me really mad. It made Jesus mad, too. He saved His harshest words for the Pharisee. Matthew 23 applies here, “Thou blind Pharisee, cleanse first that which is within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.”

My heart goes out to some of my Catholic brothers and sisters trying to process the emotional and spiritual fallout from the case in Pennsylvania. That kind of betrayal and hypocrisy can be really painful. Some are now questioning their faith. If I could, I’d give you all a hug and tell you to just look up. The darkness of the world and in people’s hearts is simply more evidence of why we need a Savior so badly in the first place. Don’t be afraid, this complete chaos looks a bit like some very productive house cleaning to me.

So, there are some nutty women in the world too, women like Rachel Held Evans, pretty liberal, pretty feminist. They are mostly responding to the injustice, to the immorality of closed religious systems where women and children clearly have no voice. She recently sent out a tweet about how it’s biblical to drive a tent stake through a man’s head. While I object to that kind of cynical mindset six ways past Sunday, it did not just spring up in a vacuum, it did not just poof itself into rebellion, it is rebelling against something really dark and ugly. Something it should be rebelling against….

It is especially painful to see this kind of stuff going on in my Fathers house. Jesus had a zeal for His Father’s house. Psalm Sixty9:9 says, For zeal for Your house has consumed me, And the reproaches of those who reproach You have fallen on me.”  Those are prophetic words because later on in John 2:17 it says, “His disciples remembered that it is written: “Zeal for Your house will consume Me.”

I shouldn’t have to say this but I will anyway, this totally trashed, adulterous, trainwreck of a Bride of Christ, is actually not a woman at all, but us of the church who are called over and over again to make sure the inside of our own cup is clean, not the outside, and not the cup of any others, but the inside of our own cup.


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