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Pearl in OysterI often feel like King David, facing a giant, and some lions and tigers and bears oh my, except far worse off than King David, because I am completely unprepared. I am simply left behind here in the 9th circuit of hell without even a slingshot to protect me.

I have complained to God about this fact many times because you know, Whiners R Us. Like Lord, you have thrown me into the lion’s den and handed me a pebble. Wut the heck am I supposed to do with a blasted pebble?

Not that I am entitled to even the smallest pebble mind you, but just the same I lament the complete absence of any kind of pragmatism here.

I mean, at least if I were an oyster I could take a grain of sand and make a beautiful pearl. That’s very hard on the pride, by the way.  An oyster is like, 3 cells beyond a sea vegetable.  I am just left staring helplessly at my tiny pebble, keenly aware I seem to lack the skills of even the lowliest of  sea vegitables.

I have explained to the Lord that when CS Lewis wrote His Narnia series, he was very careful to make sure Aslan handed Susan both a horn and a bow. Like, she got both, two powerful weapons!

But my Aslan just hands me a pebble? 

That is so unfair! Of course, unlike Susan I have never forgotten I am a Queen of Narnia, a quirky Queen perhaps, a rather shabby one, with nothing but a pebble in her hand, but a Queen just the same.

Susan forgot. She ran off to the grown up world chasing nail polish, nylons, and no doubt boys. I suspect her throne awaits her still, that she will return to Narnia some day. Once a Queen of Narnia, always a Queen of Narnia.

I however, have never really left Narnia, nor am I  Susan the Gentle. Like, you will pry my nail polish, nylons, and boys from my cold dead hands, AND I will also be a Queen in Narnia, seated on a throne, all at the same time. Rather then Susan the Gentle, this Queen is a bit more like Clint Eastwood and the theme song to the Quick and the Dead.

So sue me, but it’s still good music…

A shabby, quirky, Queen for sure, one who sometimes fears Aslan has left her behind in the 9th circuit of hell, amid a den of lions, and wolves and bears, completely abandoned, clinging to nothing but a pebble….

When the Lord does this kind of thing to you, there is really nothing one can do but to surrender all, embrace the crazy, and thank Him for the tiny pebble that could perhaps be stuffed into a giant’s airway or something. I do have a rudimentary understanding of anatomy, perhaps a pebble placed just right could become a choking hazard?

It’s a small hope, a woefully inadequate self-defense plan, but I’ll take it.

And the Lord, because He is good and kind to me finally says, “Hey Princess Sea Vegetable, if you take that tiny pebble and just quietly slip it into a man’s shoe, you will soon learn the true power hidden within a tiny pebble……”

Oh….. Why yes! Hadn’t even thought of that before, but I can see how that just might work. A properly placed pebble can be a most annoying thing, indeed. I may well need to just start embracing my gifting…

So, Happy Birthday to Princess Sea Vegetable, trapped in the 9th circuit of hell, armed with a tiny pebble, but even a tiny thing becomes a powerful weapon when it is actually held in the hand of a true Queen of Narnia….

Not a gentle Queen, not a valiant Queen, but certainly now old enough to believe in fairy tales again. Just as I was once promised. Just as He once said…..

I shall do my best not to feel too smug about it. I shall totally fail at that one too. Oh well, it just is what it is.

My birthday can sometimes get rather, well…. involved. I may be away from my blog for a few days.


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Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com