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I’ve written quite extensively about red pills, especially so-called Christian ones like Dalrock. I started researching them for many reasons, but one reason was that I was noticing some hatred being spoken in Jesus Christ’s name, and some common phrases, shared rhetoric, that seemed to all be coming from the same place.

Many Christian women who blog know of the red pills and their really vile behavior, herd behavior, mob behavior, and trolling. Our words matter, the condition of our heart matters, and if you are just wallowing in bitterness and resentment towards women and some pseudo Christian starts saying that’s biblical, God endorsed, and proceeds to build a cult following, you soon wind up with this army of broken men who fancy themselves internet soldiers for Christ. Soldiers called to go forth and destroy as many women as possible.

It is dark, vile, and ugly. It is literally speaking the Lord’s word out of one side of your neck, while speaking graphic and violent pornography out the other side. Sometimes there are pornographic pictures, threats, emails. Deep seated sexual perversion and rage as weapons in their own imaginary Social Justice war.

People like Dalrock will often hype up the rhetoric and sexual frustration, as he has done in the post I linked to above, “the Cost of Sluthood.” Then once everyone is all amped up, he names a specific target, having no idea who is reading his blog, but smugly sitting back and just waiting for his troll army to go attack them.

Sheila Wray Gregoire over at “To love, honor, and Vacuum” was a recent target, as you can see in her comment here, “This week, my daughter’s video was linked to by a hateful men’s rights blog, and she has received hundreds of comments that both quote the Bible, and then insult her in pornographic ways (“I wonder how many **** you **** last night?) They are pigs…..”

She doesn’t name Dalrock and the red pills, but I sure will! I watched that go down, I know exactly who targeted her and her daughter. I’ve been on the receiving end of their venom more than a few times myself.

Something that was so painful for me the first time I saw it, was watching some Christians support them, side with them, and then justify it. Women lie, donja know. Remember Potiphar’s wife? I was staring at actual emailed pictures of genitalia I had received myself, reading about banging 13yr olds and cutting of women’s arms, and how much God hates me, while these Christian men, some pastors even, were just carrying on about how women always lie, while endlessly quoting the 9th commandment and of course, Ephesians 5:22.

It was an eye-opening experience that totally violated my trust and eventually led me to conclude that “the church,” as a whole, of which I am a part, does indeed have a major problem with sexual abuse, with silencing women, and with cultivating misogyny.

Consider Toby Sumpter pastor, big church not far from me, and the pure venom just dripping from his words, “The #MeToo movement is a complete scam, a complete con-job, a full-throated cheat. #MeToo is a diseased pig wearing a dinner gown and a ludicrous smear of lipstick. #MeToo is a hag with hairy legs shuffling around in a pink tutu. #MeToo is an obese butch with a smoker’s voice trying to sing a lullaby. #MeToo is a parasitic farce that sucks the blood of a charade that picks the fleas from a travesty of a lie that was so lame they gave it a Nobel Peace Prize. It’s a sham, a speckled corpse, a black tooth, a fraud.”

Charming specimen, isn’t he? Those are the words he is speaking publicly about women who have been victims of sexual abuse.

And they sit there still, unchecked, unchallenged! In fact, thousands continue to support him, have him on podcasts, praise him. His words don’t live in a vacuum they are being supported, endorsed, and defended by others.

So those who are critical of #Mettoo, those who may wonder why there is often so much anger towards the church, this is one reason why.