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bent 2All in good fun here, but one of these days I’m going to have to put together a book of Totally Twisted Devotionals. Devotionals that speak the truth of who we are and the struggles we have in faith.

Trust is hard, isn’t it? Hypocrisy and betrayal abound in our world. I sometimes get these accusations like, “you don’t really believe this crap, do you?” I do. I totally believe “this crap.” This “crap” works. This crap pours life over you. It leads to wisdom and a better understanding of the world around you. It builds stronger communities. It adds meaning and purpose to your life.

I do my bestest to not sound pretentious about it. In truth just saying the word “crap” in relationship to my faith feels a bit like punching myself in the stomach. The cavern between how beautiful our Lord really is and the darkness of the world can get pretty vast sometimes.

I suspect the Disciples, being mostly rough and tumble fisherman, had some colorful language of their own on occasion. Sometimes I think one of the enemy’s greatest tricks has been in misleading people, in sowing confusion, so they think faith is not for the little people, for the ordinary people, for the people who are rough around the edges and imperfect….

I have a Twitter troll, Christian guy, who kind of makes me sad. My heart just kind of breaks for him because he accuses me of virtue signaling virtue. He seems to have missed the part about how, “there are none righteous not one.”

bentI’ve often argued that a Christian just can’t actually be “a hypocrite.” A Christian is a sinner saved by grace.  All in good humor here, but how does one even demonstrate hypocrisy there?  Do we just suddenly have a perfect, totally sin free day, requiring no grace? Yep, she’s a total hypocrite. Yesterday she went acted like Salvation wasn’t even necessary….

Twitter troll makes me sad too…..because grace. Grace is a very reflective thing. If you aren’t showing it to others, then you aren’t receiving it fully yourself. You’re standing on your own garden hose and cutting off your own supply of Living Water. I know this because people tend to really irritate me sometimes, but I’ve learned that if I hold bitterness and hatred in my heart, there just isn’t room for the Lord to come in. We simply can’t hold bitterness and resentment in one hand and receive the Lord’s grace and mercy in the other.

It’s really unfair! I mean seriously,  Romans 15:1 really stinks! It is however, a really fabulous verse for those of us who have to forgive the unforgiveable, who have to let go of offense against people who aren’t even sorry! That is just exceedingly hard on the pride. It just sits there crying out for justice. It doesn’t want to show mercy towards the unrepentent. It’s angry…..and sad and grieving.

Romans 15:1, Twitter Troll. “We who are strong ought to bear with the failings of the weak and not to please ourselves.” We who are strong must forgive even the unrepentent, those who aren’t even sorry, those who act like they don’t even care that they hurt us.

We who are strong….

We who are strong….

Twitter troll, you sound like an angry ex.  It’s not me you’re angry at nor would my repentence bring any peace to your soul. We who are strong must often take the fall for those who are not. That is what walking with Jesus Christ is all about.

Why do I scream from the rooftops about Blind Pharisee and red pill Dalrockians? Because they do their brothers such a huge disservice by falsely teaching that it’s okay to nurture offense and to withhold forgiveness from the alleged “unrepentent.”

And that lie keeps you from becoming one of the strong.