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I practically crawled  home from work last night, pulled onto my street and encountered 3 bunny rabbits. We’re over run with rabbits, so that is not all that unusual, but when I looked up I saw the neighbor’s had a giant inflatable unicorn. He was kind of upside down and stuck on his head. It was a surreal scene, pleasant and peaceful, but kind of funny.

So I came into the house and announced, “I just saw 3 bunny rabbits and a pink unicorn.” It seemed like a perfectly reasonable observation, a bit of small talk, but no, no, nothing is ever reasonable at my house.

Immediate rebellion, I kid you not. They promptly declared, “You did not see a literal unicorn.”

My family worries me sometimes. Does anybody know what a “literal unicorn” is? Is there some kind of non metaphorical unicorn I have yet to encounter? To make matters worse, I was told that if I had seen a real unicorn it wouldn’t have been pink. And we know this how?

I was too tired to defend myself and did not clarify or elaborate, I simply went to bed. This morning my hubby gets up, looks out the window and announces, “there’s a giant pink unicorn out there.”

You don’t say?

Of course nobody even questions him. Anytime he says something it’s just taken on face value as it probably should be. I mean, somebody tells me something I’m prone to just say, “Okay. Sounds good. Let’s check it out.” I’m telling you, the older I get the more this kind of thing just drives me nuts. Absolutely everything I say or do is challenged by somebody. Relentlessly. My family is terrible, they are the worse, but it happens everywhere. The other day I asked if anyone knew where the screw driver was. Immediate suspicion and challenge, “Why do you want it?”

I don’t know! Are you honestly going to make me explain how a screwdriver works and what it is for? Is there some kind of screwdriver trouble I can get into that no one has ever told me about?

Are you concerned I am fixing to go stab a giant pink unicorn that isn’t even real?

True story, now you know why I am half crazy all the time. In truth however, I really just wanted to share the good news about the three bunny rabbits and the pink unicorn, with some thankfulness, with some gratitude for an answered prayer. It wasn’t actually the bunnies and the unicorn that set the surreal stage, it was the sharp contrast between what my neighborhood used to look like…… and what it looks like now.

I can breathe again. It’s huge.


child holding unicorn toy

Photo by Kaboompics .com on Pexels.com