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A bit funny, I helped with kid’s church and we sung “Be careful little eyes what you see….” I thought, how is it I’ve managed to live this long and never heard this song before?! We need to be singing this song in church! This is a grown up song. This song should be all over the internet, too. It should probably play in the background before you even open up Twitter! That song was made for such a time as this.

Praise the Lord those kids in Thailand have been rescued! I was praying for that situation.  So pleased they are all safe! Nothing wrong with following stories like that at all, it is just that we are living in the information age and taking in far more information than perhaps we were designed to take in emotionally and spiritually. Notice I did not say the “wisdom age” or the “knowledge age,” just the info age. We are just inundated with information these days. Info from all over the world.

Do we have the wisdom and maturity to process it all? Uh, no! No, we pretty much just react emotionally.  I’m sure I’ve probably just offended some people, but it’s true. You can tell from all the shrieking and near hysteria on the internet. If we had wisdom and maturity, we wouldn’t be consuming all this stuff in the first place! Wisdom says well, wisdom actually sings, “be careful little mind what you think…”

I know this very well on account of the fact that I spend an incredible amount of time reading, writing, and researching…… and becoming emotionally entangled with the drama of some boys trapped in a  cave in Thailand. That’s my passion, it’s what I do, it’s what I enjoy. So I have to really apply some filters, be extra careful about how much I take in, and remember to unplug frequently.

I have this same struggle on the ground, IRL. I can be miles away from an internet connection and still be overwhelmed by the world’s darkness, drama, and distress. True story! My hubby has gotten kind of uncanny about it, he’ll say “no” about 3 minutes before someone knocks on the door. He’s kind of been good that way, always reminding me to ask “why” before I get involved in something.

For the Father up above is looking down in love……

A fabulous verse to remind us to be careful about what we take in emotionally and spiritually, is Philippians 4:8,  Finally, brethren, whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue, and if there be any praise, think on these things.

Let me just add one more challenge to the mix, it has become  socially fashionable to be “busy” or distressed, or concerned about so many things. A bit of joy, a bit of positivity, some peace and well being, is likely to be viewed with total suspicion. I kid you not, the older I get the more obvious this becomes to me. We tend to stifle our joy as adults because we so often encounter suspicion, rejection, fear even.


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